Wednesday, November 18, 2009

1,2,3 boys for me

I'm starting this story just by saying "little boys rock!"... I was so excited to shoot this family after talking to the Mom... she told me that she wanted REAL pictures. Just of the boys doing their thing. I love it when that happens. These three little ones knocked my socks off. I usually have no energy in the morning... but with these boys I was dandy. Alex, Matthew and Ben... my leaf buddies.
Some family portraits can be super boring for kids... no one likes to just sit there. I am one of those that can't sit still for too long anyways. If given the chance... little boys will find a way to entertain themselves. I hadn't seen the leaves until this happened. The BEST IDEA ever. Wonderful way to break the ice? Throw leaves at your photographer. You would think that the big boys would be the bad ones here... nope. Check out the little man... he was the sneakiest of them all!
Mom & Dad were awesome... their kids really enjoyed being around them. Everyone played it cool & worked the camera. Lesley, there are so many good moments... I had the hardest time deciding what to post. I loved shooting you guys and enjoyed every minute of the processing time. Your family is great - can't wait to meet with you and share!
I have been neglecting the blog lately (sorry blog!)... so things are a bit out of order. I will soon get back on blogging track & post previews of past birth & newborn sessions... pictures from my modeling experience in NOLA... and all that good stuff. Now I am off to a maternity session. Enjoy the cooler weather everyone!


  1. I can't wait to see what you put up do such a great job capturing the moment in your photos, almost like the camera isn't there! Great job Abby!


  2. I finished reading this post and all of a sudden realized that I had had a ridiculously huge grin on my face the whole time.

    I felt like I was right there! This is my favorite post so far, because it reminds me of my family!!

  3. to Lindsay: your's will soon be following. :)
    Kaylynn... I am jealous of you and your big family... I just had Samuel to fight over taking my lipstick and drawing on the walls... :)

  4. Abby: words cannot express how much we love these pictures. You captured our crazy wonderful life with our boys exactly as we live it. Each one's personality shows through these photos...Richard and I had a great time during this shoot we felt as though we were not even taking pictures! Thanks for all that you do, you are the best!

  5. Thank you so much for your kind words. They mean so much to me. I'm glad it didn't feel like a portrait session... That was my goal. To make things as relaxed and fun as possible. So happy with the result. :)