Friday, November 6, 2009

a shoot of an Abby from another

Meet Abby. I had met her a while ago when shooting her sister's senior photos and immediately clicked with her family. So now it was her turned to have a shoot all to herself. We picked a perfect day - the weather was so nice and sunny. Abby is considering modeling & her mom wanted a jump start to her portfolio. She is quite the trooper ...walking in the wet fields with me to get the perfect spots, controlling allergies, changing in the car... you name it. I know that she has been so excited to see a preview of her pictures and "finally" they are done. These are a couple of my favorites of our afternoon together.
Guess who else made it to the shoot... Coconut! He didn't cease to amaze us with all his weird tricks that day. He kept disappearing in the tall grass and running around like crazy. Always wanting his mommy. He almost killed himself in a crazy cart-wheel he did while running. So funny. We went through a lot to get to all our locations this time. No trespassing zones, tall grass fields, wet muddy areas... what a mission to get where we wanted to go. But thanks to Abby's mom, her jeep got us there. I love these next two shots. The light was so creamy and yummy... I was totally happy.
Abby my dear, thank you for waiting so patiently. You look great in all your pictures - can't wait to show you tomorrow. You are going to love it!


  1. She is beautiful! You did such a great job. I love how her wardrobe goes so well with the picture style you gave her. Great job all:-)

  2. THANKS!! It was so easy and fun to work with her. I took them to that beyond borders place we found. Coco almost fell in the ditch!

  3. Such a beautiful girl. Love the venue and the images are great.

  4. Thanks Mandi. Everything was taken right around my house... sometimes we don't have to go very far.