Monday, November 2, 2009

these next 2 weeks... jammed packed with goodness

I wanted to take a little break from editing to tell you all a little of what will be happening in the next two weeks. I am so excited about tomorrow... I will be participating in group shoot in New Orleans. Mark Eric [who is a fabulous wedding photographer] will be leading a 'Don't Box Us In' group project in the French Quarter. 30 photographers/videographers, make-up artist & hair stylist... and models coming together for some fun. One of those models/photog is me. I will be wearing my wedding dress again for a bit edgier look than what happened Nov 4th 2006. Which leads to it being my anniversary Wednesday... congrats to us! Tomorrow I will get to act a little and still shoot some of the other models that will be attending. After so many "work" shoots, its going to be nice to just have fun and be on the other side of the camera for a while. After the shoot and editing stuff I will post some of what I took and hopefully some of me from the photographers that attend.
Another exciting thing that will be happening soon is Woman's Hospital Baby Grand Fair. That will take place November 14 [two Saturday's from now] at Woman's Hospital all morning. And guess who will be attending and sponsoring? Yes, me again. It's my first time coming and I hear it's a great opportunity for mom's to meet vendors, doctors, get a couple classes and see the hospital. Plus there are prize giveaways and a maternity fashion show. So if you are expecting a baby or just in the area... stop on by and say hello! I will have several canvas displays and birth/newborn slide shows so it will be a perfect opportunity to meet and talk about what it's like to have a session with us.
Since my readers love sneak peaks and tidbits... that mommy on the ad - she will be our next birth session. So excited for them... the baby will soon be here! Alright that's enough news for one day, back to editing. Have a great week everyone!


  1. We are on our way to NOLA... So excited. After trying on my wedding dress again I have regained great appreciation for all my brides who choose a big poofy dress like mine. Goodness! It's so heavy and hard to move around with! But I felt the antsy-ness again... getting all dolled up. Can't wait! It's going to be so much fun! More updates soon.

  2. yayyyyy how fun ! Im ready to seee some pics from NOLA!!