Thursday, December 30, 2010

farewell 2010

As the last remaining hours of what this crazy year called 2010 expire, we all can't help but look back at what's been going on. A full year has gone by in a blink of an eye. I don't know about you, but for me... this was a roller-coaster one. In the spirit of how random, up & down and totally insane it was, I have put together picture collages of work, play and life in 2010... all mixed together because that's exactly how it happened.
2010 was all about Coco. Eating great food, again and again... I pigged out the whole year. Craved some pretty crazy stuff.. had an overdose of rice krispie treats and cream soda, cheese dip, chili cheese Fritos, peppermint schnapps, pasta and steak sandwiches. And how could we forget STARBUCKS. I have put in petition to be co-owners with my local store since I basically live there now. I had the best burger ever sometime this year... the best gelato and the best margaritas known to man. I started skating again (which by the way I need to get back on). I've reconnected with old friends and made new ones. I have had several perfect days - the kind that from the moment you wake up till you go back to sleep you are living a dream. I've learned the value of space and privacy. I've been tossed back and forth between Louisiana and Florida. I can now finally call Miami home once again. I have added to my extensive collection of shoes and developed a whole new obsession of Checker's loaded cheese fries. I had a near-death experience, I almost crapped on my panties during the scare, and then had a hard time catching my breath afterwards. I loved sparkly blue things and realized that I am leaning towards a new favorite color. I have been drenched in the rain several times... (one of my favorite things to do)... watched double rainbows and witnessed countless of beautiful sunrises laying on the beach reading a book. Life has been complicated this year. Still, I only look at the little things that made it wonderful. The little things like: getting a visit from a loved one on a bad day. Getting a kiss from a long lost friend. Snuggling with the little rat that licks my nose every morning. Buying the perfect pair of black boots. Making someone laugh so hard they snort out their drink. Listening to someone defend you. Waking up to the smell of pancakes, eggs and bacon. Going to sleep with a big smile that doesn't wear off even while you are dreaming. Being stuffed from the yummiest pizza late in the morning. Jamming to a favorite song, ALL DAY. Sipping on liquid love. Planning bucket-list activities. Shop-therapy. Driving real fast in an empty highway with the windows down. Fitting in those jeans that you haven't been able to wear for a while. Getting the best massage ever. Giving someone happiness in a box. Finding someone fixing your bed while you are brushing your teeth. Haha you know what I am talking about... :) When you look at all the small things individually that brought you happiness, and then you put them all together, the big picture now seems a whole lot better. There is actually a picture worth looking at... the kind to even take a second glance for.
Thank you to all my wonderful clients this year for your continued support and for being so amazing to me. To my friends for all our adventures. To my family for all their love. 2010, I thought you were gonna kill me... but you found a way of shedding light at the end of the tunnel. It's time to welcome 2011 with open arms.
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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

love is... | sneak peak!

It's a late night editing streak over here folks... waiting for the lunar eclipse to happen. My body really wants some shut eye, but this just doesn't happen every day and I'm the kind of girl that likes staring at the moon. This shot is from my session today - first part of my upcoming project - Love Is. I am so excited to edit these and shoot the rest. Good night my lovely blog readers... cuddle up and go watch the sky... pretty interesting stuff going on. :)
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

color brights | Miami Family Photographer

Every morning I wake up with the possibility of going to one of my favorite places in the world. Just a short 8 minute ride to the beach. How's that for a yummy breakfast? While most people view Miami as a vacation hot-spot, it's simply considered home for this little Hialeahian. For this session, I wanted to do what most people outside of South Florida do in the beach when it's cold, still go. It's a known fact that us Miamians will stay out of the sand for most of the winter while the snowbirds travel down south for a milder version of their cold weather. We all got dressed up to play at 6:30 am in South Beach. It was beautiful. The light, the colors, the quiet sounds of the tiny waves blending with the shore... (picture below - this is what it looked liked when we first got there.) I could so wake up looking at this every morning.
Combination sessions are one of my favorites. What am I referring to as a combo session? Double purpose, two in one - in this instance - family/maternity session. Even though it seems to be all about Zachary, Samantha is ever so present in the pictures as well. Lorayne has the cutest baby bump!
Zach is my first little boy of a million faces... during the pictures that is. It's as if he was purposely making fun or trying to look silly for me. And it wasn't because he was crying or mad... he was actually snacking and playing around; I would call out his name and he would pose like that. Check him out:
The sand on his hands weren't much fun. But the having me wipe his hands every minute or so definitely was. Not me, I like the sand. I probably looked like a freak rolling around with all my clothes playing with Zach to get the pictures I wanted. When I got home I had a pound of sand in my hair, shoes, clothes and had to shimmy shake outside to get it all out.
Thank you guys for being early morning troopers and walking lots and lots. Can't wait to meet baby Samantha!
Friends, I know that I am supposed to be all about the cold and what not because I love winter... but I need a break. I am in Miami, its not supposed to last over here. We are supposed to have one cold day a week, not everyday for the past two weeks. I am running out of clothes and options on how to go to sleep without waking up freezing. So far bundling up and wearing my toe-socks isn't working. ;) Happy Wednesday!
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Monday, December 13, 2010

randomness | Blog Me Monday

Good morning everyone! I hope you all thoroughly enjoyed your weekend... I had an interesting one. Ended it realizing again for the hundredth time that I can't eat sushi. I mentally prepare myself that today is the day that I will develop a liking for that acquired taste. Um yes the motivation is there... the willingness to try is there... the stomach to bear it, the taste buds that send forth approval, the action of taking a second bite - all that takes a holiday and leaves me chugging down my drink. So I am asking for help. I am going to nice places, so this is good quality stuff. What shall I try? I have had the ones they say that most people should start off with: California roll, Shrimp Tempura roll, King Crab roll ... mostly cooked stuff. Why am I so hung up on liking sushi you may ask? It bothers me that I eat almost everything and can't come near something so popular. It's a social thing... and I want to socially fit in the "let's eat sushi" crowd. :)
The picture above is another from my new project. The one that I can't seem to stop plotting for. This train business is really making me excited. The couples I have been able to meet with so far are totally digging the idea and getting worked up about outfits and what not. If you messaged me and I have yet to respond, that doesn't mean that I am not interested in having you join. I am trying to email and meet people at the same time and pretty much will get around to everyone today and tomorrow. Your response is coming. :) I am going to go study the system some more this week and will start shooting very soon. I was thinking yesterday morning about the movie Pearl Harbor (one of my faves) and how there is a train scene there that I really really like, turns out it was playing on TV later that night... and I was right, totally fits the scheme that I am trying to achieve. Woohoo!
In other news, there's a new series coming from the makers of Grey's Anatomy that I am really looking forward to checking out. Off the Map. The show deals with medical care in a third-world country (phrase that I actually do not particularly like). They are filming in Hawaii... making it look like it's a tropical jungle in South America, reminds me of LOST. Actually it's like a combination of both shows (Grey's & Lost) (Didn't we ask for something like that a while back?). This is one that I know my mom will join me to watch... the main doctor/actor, Martin Henderson, happens to be one of her favorites ever since his appearance on Bride & Prejudice. Premieres Wednesday January 12 on abc.
I am off to do good... I hope you all have a great week. I am looking forward to this one with high hopes. [At least I am hoping that all the positiveness will help my long week sound sweeter.] ;) Cheerio Darlings!
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Thursday, December 9, 2010

one kiss please | Miami Family Photographer

It's cold. But it's sessions like this that make me all warm inside. I look forward with pure excitement to shoot Kristin's family portraits every time. It's because I know that she is the kind of mom that treasures the pictures so much that she will design books and cards, and decorate the whole house with the latest photos. I've walked in their house and seen my pictures on their walls, makes me smile, a lot. She is always actively involved in the planning process and coordinates everyone's clothing and props perfectly. I really imagine myself that way one day when I have children of my own. I am so happy to have moms that care so much about what I do, makes my job so pleasant and rewarding. I had a hard time choosing favorites, because this became a huge session, so here is ALL the ones I really really liked. Enjoy!
Sam reminds me of a little Ralph Lauren baby model... blonde, tie, sweater... what a cutie patootie. I believe I mentioned before that his brother, Luke, was one of my birth session babies. My third birth session ever, and its been quite some time since then. They are forever my memory of hospital visits as the session who had the most family members come in the room to welcome the baby... not to mention the family who's faces couldn't possibly show more love and affection... raw emotion.
Kiss kiss time... I love Sam's tongue out face... :P
Ahh love is flowing through the air. Kiss here, kiss there. I want a kiss too.. :) Thank you guys for being so great despite our technical difficulties... I knew that if there was one family that would never mind having more pictures it would be you guys... :) Fellow blog readers, enjoy the weekend... bundle up, cuddle and snuggle.. it's brrr cold. I will be at my local Starbucks with an IV of pumpkin spice warming up my veins. Que rico!
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love is...

The juices have been flowing a lot lately... creative wise that is. Today I've started planning my next big project. For weeks it has been merely ideas and a simple vision of a shot I really want blown up on a canvas on my wall. Soon it will all be coming together. You may of read on my twitter feed: I'm looking for young "in love" couples to model for a shoot. Well I have found them... may still want a couple more so don't be shy to ask. So my dear blog readers, I wanted to give you a tiny introduction to what's to come. I am beyond excited. Stay tuned.
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Monday, December 6, 2010

mon petit voyage | Blog Me Monday

For today's installment of Blog Me Monday I will be sharing pictures and stories of my latest Louisiana trip. I really am having trouble deciding which place to call home... because I quite can't say that I am stationary anymore. Traveling so much is great, but it kinda messes with your head as to where you are "supposed" to be. Who am I kidding... if my mother heard me say this, she would be so like: "Abigail, what do you mean you don't know where home is?! Mira mija, you were born and raised in Hialeah (Hialeah - agua, fango y factoria) that's home and it will always be." And of course I agree... but my dear Louisianan friends have a little piece of me too. This recent trip was all about revisiting old friends and clients that I have shared so much with. Along with trying new things and savoring old favorites that I have OH SO missed. Every time I go on a trip, I seem to set ONE goal: take pictures. Pictures of myself. Pictures of what I see. Pictures of what I want to remember. And the greatest pet peeve of coming back, is that I fail to accomplish that goal, every time. I feel that it's because since I work with a camera, it tends to be put away when I'm having fun and the only thing that I slug around is my wonderful iPhone. So my dear blog readers, here is a pot of soup of what I experienced this past trip. Excuse the quality and the randomness... that's how I tend to go on vacation.
I was smitten with this building, and have decided that I want words like that on one of my walls. [ mental note: BIG BOLD letters, quotes or words that represent art for the office... next home improvement project. ] I read Dizzy & Jimmy during my two flights - yes, the whole book. It's one of my favorite auto-biography books, ever. I have a new nickname among friends, Juju; and now it seems I find that word everywhere. My rental was a little Ford Focus... which I learned to love. Especially the sunroof because the weather was soooo purrrfect.
In MIA there is no such thing as the change of leaves during the fall. Seeing it happen made me all nostalgic of what fall and winter is actually supposed to be like. But then again I remembered all the layering of clothing just to go outside to take Coco to go potty and how I would never want to get out of bed in the morning and started to love my Miami weather again. I made it a point to pig out this trip. I think I even gained some weight. Woohoo! [Yes, gaining weight for me is a good thing.] La Madeleine probably got tired of seeing my face... I was there almost every other day. I have been thinking that in the future I may collaborate to open a franchise here in South Florida... I know I would have a handful of faithful customers - starting with my parents and brother who were insanely jealous that I was having soup and more DELISH soup and they weren't. Lucy's is also a must go-to place of mine over there. Mainly for their margaritas, which are my favorite by far of any place I have ever tried. Starbucks. That's a given no matter where I am... I took pictures of the ones there just to prove that I am a loyal customer. AND to show that even though the folks over there prefer CC's - *bucks is so much better - I decided to opt out of the locals recommendation this time. But I will say... the baristas over there need to learn a thing or two from my friends at the 49st Starbucks in Hialeah. (When I was back home, and welcomed with a "where were you for a week?" I knew I was glad to be back. The VIP and extreme friendliness was definitely missed.)
I MISSED COCO TERRIBLY. Everyday. Every time I went to bed. In the mornings. During lunch. All the time. So my friends surprised me with a carved pumpkin of Coco's face. (In November... yes they saved a pumpkin for me, how cute!) Let's just say that it made me feel so much better. Haha. Isn't he adorable?!!?! My parent's have now decided that he is more "their" dog, which is totally causing some controversy in the family. Coco now welcomes my dad in a higher pitched squeal than me... and yes that is making me jealous. He needs to reconsider his uncommon behavior.
If you truly want to know what I was up to, ask the bears. I became good friends with a couple of stone cold statues... and they seemed to love my attention. As you can tell:
I worked hard during my trip. Shooting and editing were my main attraction. Only during my breaks would I "have fun" going out to eat. Which I will say that was one of my favorite highlights of the vacation. I watched Kaylynn work and realized that we as photographers, have no life. Honestly. But at least we have that common quality together. :) I would like to thank my friends who welcomed me to their homes and made me part of the family. Fed me and babied me while I was there. Those who took the time to come see me (cough cough) and those who were there the whole time. There was so much more that I wanted to do, but time did not allow. There is always next time. Thank you so much for your attention and care... can't wait to see you and do it all over again. NEXT TIME: I want crawfish. So that means that I will be skipping a doodle over there in the summer for sure.
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