Thursday, January 28, 2010

baby on the way

Back in April I had an incredibly lovey-dovey session with these two. Soon after I heard the news that there was a little one on the way. During our planning meet I was pleasantly surprised that she wanted to have a very at-home-feel to the session. It seems that most times its hard to get my mommies to go for the "real" look... and that's exactly what Cherie wanted.
It was so easy to make this pretty mom-to-be look good, there is this beautiful glow about her. When I was editing their pictures I could tell how much she is enjoying being pregnant. It's those moms that are so excited to have a little one of their own that it's a joy to work with. This is their first baby, and guess what? It's a girl. Yay - I have officially broken my boy streak. :)
I've seen spin offs of this pose so many times... and never really had tried it. During our planning meets I always like to know more about each mom's pregnancy. Were there any crazy cravings or things that just came out of the blue? ... and for this momma it's been Fruit Loops. Not so random but I thought that it would be fun nonetheless to have James hold a double-pack cereal box. :)
We will be seeing more of that little hat on Ava later on. I had such a great time shooting/editing this session. Looking forward to the little misses arrival. To everyone else.. the weekend is almost here... Enjoy!


  1. Cherie MalbroughJanuary 28, 2010

    We really enjoyed the session! I wanted the "at home" feel since thats the kind of people we are. We love being home and enjoying quiet time together~ we'll enjoy that for a few more weeks :)
    The day we met to discuss the shoot was great. I didn't expect to keep you so long at Starbucks, but it was nice to sit and chat with you. I could probably have stayed and talked all night, but I knew our hubbies would start to call soon, ha!
    The thing about you, Abby, is that you seem to capture just the right moment. You make me feel comfortable and pretty. You don't rush through the process, which makes everyone involved more relaxed and really enjoy whats going on.
    I LOVELOVELOVE the pictures you chose to post on the blog. Those are my favorites. Thank you for another wonderful session, I look forward to many more in the future!

  2. ahh that's so sweet. Thank you so much. I could of stayed talking forever too. James is used to my planning meets at Starbucks being 80 percent girl chat... I love it. I look forward to all our sessions together. :)

  3. awe i love love love these abby! amazing!! you catch the sweetest moments .. i cant stop looking at them

  4. o look.. its my car salesman again! lol ---- great pics abby!@!!!

  5. Yes! That's him Lauren :) haha so funny that you remember.