Tuesday, January 5, 2010

goodbye 2009 - hello 2010

It's officially 2010. Wow. It came so fast! I had such a good time. Thank you for all the laughs and fun memories. I believe I scored such a great bunch of clients. Most of you have become more than just that, we are friends and I am so grateful to be part of your lives. Especially those moms that sign up for the works package (maternity, birth & newborn) - they feel like family, so wonderful to see the babies grow. I'm looking forward to another fun year filled with new families and the opportunity to work with some of you again. I am so blessed to have the kind of job that I love to do. I wake in the morning happy to know that the workmates I will be seeing our my sleepy babies, the seniors that are nervous about looking good/pretty/handsome/hot, the in-love couple that is days away from their wedding, the mom that feels she is going to pop and the baby is about to be here, the call in the middle of the night that says "it's time!", and I probably could go on and on. They are all joyful moments, and I am so fortunate to share them with you. So, thank you thank you. I am so excited for a whole new year of great things to come. I wanted to post some behind the scene pictures from last year's sessions... and here they are.
This is my senior rep Kate... we had so much fun that day. In the picture I am poking her cheeks so that she could give me a real smile... haha and it worked! I love senior girl sessions, maybe because I consider myself not to far in age from them... and view it as just hanging out, trying to make them gorgeous... while I dance to Shakira's music on my iPhone.
Getting ready for my first c-section birth session. I was so glad that Angela was there to help me out, teaching me the ropes of what goes on in the or. [ I still have to blog lots of birth sessions... including the one from this day. Which by the way turned out beautiful!! & I almost forgot to give photo credits - Thank you Amanda for taking this for us :) ] This next one is during the Baby Grand event at Woman's Hospital. It was taken with James' iPhone so the quality is not the greatest. With everything I had going on I totally forgot to bring my camera. It was so neat to meet so many expecting moms, all at once in the same place.
These are our close friends Jolane & Jeremy... some scenes from our family shoot in the summer. There is never a dull moment with them. Jo has quickly become one of my greatest friends and I don't know what I would do without her. Speaking of which... it's time for another session :) [ That picture in the corner shows the directing process in action. According to Jo I had to include this one in the post... and even though Jeremy looked angry... he was quite happy to be taking all of these. Thanks to Travis for his contribution. ;) ]
The beautiful Sarah and I right after Riley's birth. My first and most memorable birth session ever. I have had some wonderful sessions but there is nothing like your first experience of something. Soon after it was Kristin's turn ( 3rd birth session ) and this was the most emotional one I've had so far. I was in awe at all the looks on the family's faces when they first met baby Luke.
And finally these three boys knocked my socks off. My first time to capture a leaf fight... it was AWESOME. I wish I would of joined in and showed those boys that I can play too. When I am around the kids, it's a totally different me. I am one of them and it's time to play. Yeah.. ok, I have a big black camera with me but that is just my shield or mask for the day.
Thank you to all my blog readers/followers for keeping up with my work & stories. Sorry that lately my post have been so sporadic. My goal for these next couple of months is to catch up on my blogging. It was going so well for sometime and then the busy crazy schedule took over and left my poor blog feeling neglected. But I aim to improve and hopefully will continue with more new stuff really soon!


  1. Abby,

    I have enjoyed getting to know you over the past few months. Your pictures are beautifual and you truly have a gift for capturing the most special moments in people's lives. I hope 2010 is good to you!!

    Love the behind the scenes pics - they are so cute!

    Angela Hammett

  2. awww i LOVe looking at your blog -- you have me hooked now ..... MISS Youuu soo much abby!!!!!! please lets catch up!

  3. Thank you girls!
    Lauren - you keep saying let's catch up and we never meet up!!! Let's do it!

  4. Thanks for sharing the behind the scenes moments. This lets everyone see how much fun it is to take pictures with you!!

  5. :) i had so much fun that day! im going to call you think weekend to set up the winter shoot!