Wednesday, January 13, 2010

a little bit of everything

As part of the many things that I would like to do with my blog this year, I'm going to try to incorporate a lot of 'around the house' pictures. This past year I realized that I haven't taken the time to really take pictures of stuff for me. I used to carry my camera EVERYWHERE. My friends never even bothered bringing theirs because they knew that if I was coming along the moment was going to be captured. Well, with things getting so busy with my clients, I have pushed the fun time pictures aside. So as a goal, I will be bringing my camera along more often and posting those pictures here. I am going to work my way backwards with the catching up... these were from my parent's visit last month. I believe that in my efforts to shoot more casually, Coco will get sick & tired of the camera... :) This is a conglomerate potpourri of previews... enjoy the craziness.
I always love to see the funny faces that I seem to catch Coco in when he's off running and playing. He definitely looks like a psycho pup. Love him nonetheless.
We spent every night that my parents were visiting playing cards. This is a set of baraja cards - which are a set of 40 Spanish cards that date back to the 1300s and were originated in Spain. My parents are very fond of these cards since they've been playing them since they were kids. It was the first time that James had seen them, so we quickly taught him the ropes. Bring on the laughs and the cheating on Samuel's part... yeah you sure weren't hiding all your hand signals buddy.
I love that my dad and I share the love of wine. Whenever we try a new one that we like we always call each other rave about it. Our friends James & Cherie introduced us to this one a while back and it has quickly become one of the staples of the house. So while we were sipping wine and playing Spanish card games, my mom was busy knitting a scarf with her little 'grandson' in her lap. Mom is such a big help when she comes to visit. She is the one that has designed and knitted all the baby hats that I use for my newborn sessions.
It was time for Luke's 2 month session. Mom came along to help. Kristin signed up for the first year package so we will be seeing them often. Turns out that these two little ones were sick and not their usual photo loving selves. Here is a preview of what we got while we were there. I will be coming back to shoot the rest of the pictures so this preview is to be continued...
One of the many perks of having daddy over is that my car gets a check up. I come from a family of all mechanics and hopefully it will continue that way with the new generation of boys. Every time I see my younger brother Samuel I feel much older. He keeps growing so fast... getting taller, skinnier, smarter and sarcastic as can be... I am so not looking forward to his teen years. I have no idea what we are going to do with him. Here he is... earning his pay (like he says)... little did he know there was not going to be any reward for being the annoying kid brother.
If Coco isn't actively part of whatever activity we are all in... he cries, and sits by any of the windows watching. He doesn't quite understand what kind of species he is... (mainly because of me, because I treat him like my child). It breaks my heart to look at those sad eyes. Gets me every time and there he goes getting his way. Next preview coming up, senior shoot. Meet Weslee. These are a couple of my favorites from our session from a couple months ago.
And finally... I leave you with my first picture of 2010... pure liquid love. Starbucks seems to be the only thing that rises me from the dead some mornings. I get so happy at just a whiff of the white chocolate mocha... MY FAVORITE!!! [ this was actually Jo's - iced caramel macchiato with a shot of white chocolate - her favorite :) ] I'm looking forward to so many of you my dear little Starbucks mermaid... YUM. At this rate I will catch up in no time, yay!


  1. Baby luke is getting so big!! I remember seeing his newborn pictures you did. Stop flying, time!

  2. Indeed, he has become a chunky monkey... :) next time I see him he will probably already changed some more.

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one who forgets to take my own pictures! I've never been the "one who takes pictures" and so I've missed out on being in a lot of photos! arg!


  4. Tina you gotta get on the other side... making others pretty shouldn't be the only thing, you gotta work it too!