Friday, February 26, 2010

Birth Session Preview - Jenna - Part 1

It's that time. The time to go to the hospital because the baby is coming. You have been waiting months and it's finally here. You have a plan & you're ready to see your baby. I get a phone call and all of the sudden I am ready too. I get all giddy inside - a sudden rush of excitement comes over me as I take the drive to the hospital. Most of the time it's too early or late to stop by Starbucks to grab some liquid pick me up. So I have to wait for the hospital's cafeteria to open. I get some of what seems to help me get through hours of waiting along with my mommy until crunch time. Natural births are so unpredictable. I've been in some that last long hours and one that seemed like the mom pushed twice and the baby was out. I am always very hopeful (for the mom's sake) that it is the latter scenario. Despite being in labor, Jenna was so cheerful. I was surprised to walk in the room and not hear any screaming. The kind of hopeful smile that put me at ease with the family.
After every contraction Jenna would breakout with laughter. It was hard to imagine that she was in any pain when you would see her smiling so much. She used a smiling technique while in labor that helped her look so happy and relaxed in all her pictures. We joked that since she was using the labor pool, she was sipping apple juice cocktails in the jacuzzi, this was all too easy.
Her husband was so supportive. He knew where things were and exactly what to do to comfort her. Even down to aromatherapy. We laughed about the kitchen spice room spray... [ Jenna correct me if it was something else ;) ] And over all I had a great time in there with the nurses and the family. But we were here for business. Is it time yet?
This is a picture of Woman's Hospital's labor & delivery waiting room. I don't exactly remember at what time I took this but it had been hours of waiting already. It is one of those rooms that I will never forget. I've spent hours and hours here before, as if it were home away from home. The hospital is 30-40 minutes away from my house, so going home isn't an option when working with a natural labor mom. You just never know when the baby will be ready. One of the grandma's was either knitting or sewing something, we watched tv, I edited pictures, scanned facebook, read a little from my book, walked around the whole hospital, checked with the nurse for progress every 20 minutes - and slowly but surely things were moving along. Having a cellphone & laptop saves me from going insane in this situation. Jenna was attempting to rest before the big action and I was trying to stay awake. Coffee, tuna sandwiches, chips, soda, cookies, ham & cheese and chocolate milk (I managed quite the mixtures from all the vending machines and cafeteria) kept me energized throughout the day. I changed spots in the waiting room, trying to get comfy. Sat in the patient room with Jenna on the floor reading (again). Talked to my friends on the phone on an off, trying to get them to tell me stories so that time would go by quicker... waiting is rough. I am extremely patient though. I have no idea where I get it from. Probably my dad, because my mom is a ticking bomb. I start to feel bad for moms in labor. I put myself in their shoes and wonder what I would do if I would be in labor for 10 hours... 12 hours... and what seem to be eternity for poor Jenna.
It was the middle of the night already but we were finally there - time to push. My camera seemed so heavy now - I had been there with them since early morning the day before - and out of nowhere I had a boost of energy. The baby was finally coming. We all couldn't be happier.

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