Thursday, February 11, 2010

photos of you | pictures of me

I mentioned that this trip I found myself taking pictures of those who are in the process of taking a picture. Why I started to do this? I have no idea. I became intrigued at what they were taking a picture of and then I would laugh at the way that some would stand or hold their camera and that started my curiosity. My husband doesn't believe me when I tell him that "people watching" is a thing. He insists that it's just watching people. Same O same O - but for me it's an activity. Short story: When I was in high school we had a professor that would try to teach us "life lessons" and one day he wanted us to observe others behavior [ confidence, structure, problems.. just by watching them walk by ] . Soon enough that was a reoccurring theme for our class to sit outside and watch the other students as they walked around during their lunch break. We would pretend to be writing things down and most of them would look at us weird. Little did they know that we were just "people watching". We would laugh our heads off at some that would ask questions and seem interested in what was going on. Ever since then it stuck with me. I observe, try to define and make up a story for everyone I see. If I am gazing off, it's because my brain is working up a scenario. OK I know that I have issues with that, but its because I look closely and memorize things.
So we are walking along the park, minding our own business, when I see that there is a bride and groom in some kind of shoot by the water. Well of course I was going to watch, and snap a picture or two of what was going on. I am never shy when it comes to this kind of thing.
Alright here goes my analogy of what we sometimes do to get a picture. LOL Sometimes you stick your lens out side of the glass/window of a VERY tall building to avoid the rain spots that will distract from your final product. Sometimes you move your sunglasses to see what you are taking a picture of... and they stay half way in your forehead or sometimes in top of your head.
Sometimes you have to fight the crowd around you to get a steady shot. Sometimes that crowd is your family that is never patient when you stop to take a picture.
Sometimes you laugh or smile as you are taking a picture. Sometimes you cry and sometimes you can't believe what you just captured. Sometimes you hold out your camera away from you to see your subject, sometimes really high.
... and sometimes even higher that you have to tilt your head up.
Sometimes you have to stick out your whole upper body out of the wall. Sometimes you fight the wind. Sometimes you fight the sprinkling water from the wind. Sometimes you bear through people being in your shot. Sometimes you get stepped on and sometimes you give up and decide it's not worth taking a picture of. Sometimes you stand awkwardly to balance yourself or to take a step back without really doing so.
Sometimes you look like a professional. Sometimes your lens weighs so much that you really need two hands.
[ these next four go all together - as a series if that's what you want to call it ] Sometimes you have to do a double take.
What I was trying to take a picture here is just the cars blurring by. So I let my camera hang from my neck and did the whole shooting from the hip thing. As I reviewed it, I laughed. Because my theory that someone was always taking a picture somewhere somehow in Time Square was right. But what I liked even more is that the girls did it twice. It was probably one of those "I think I blinked, do it again" and as soon as they move you see that there is a couple getting their picture taken right behind them too. Sometimes you take picture of things. Sometimes you take pictures of people. Sometimes you take pictures of love. And that is my favorite kind of sometimes.

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