Saturday, February 20, 2010

BRYPP downtown shoot

A couple weeks ago my fellow photog friend, Erin Guedry, told me about getting together with the Baton Rouge Young Professional Photographer group on FB for a shoot downtown. We talked about it over lunch (with our other photog friend Brandon) and I agreed to come along and bring someone to model for us. I was looking forward to doing something like this again. Since last time we had one I was one of the models, I missed out on most of the actual group 'shoot' deal. I remembered that Britany is getting into modeling and called her up to see if she wouldn't mind hanging out with us for a while. She was super psyched & I was excited to be working with her again.
Make up & hair was done by the girls at the BRBC Glamour Studio, Tina & Katie. Britany rocked the sun flare. Just like the day of senior pics, it was cold, and she endured wearing her spaghetti strap dress. Looks like it was a yummy 75 degrees, she hid it quite well.
Part of the group shoot is helping out. We all took turns holding the light, reflector, and the baggage that came along. Brandon was modeling the light while flexing his biceps. Tina sent over some friends to model as well. Some had really crazy hair... meet miss. mohawk. For some reason it reminds me of a zebra too.

Thanks to all the models that showed up to have fun with us. It was nice to meet other photogs in the area as well. We had dinner at Lucy's, I had the yummiest nachos, talked forever and we took up all the back corner of the restaurant. One large table for us, one table for just the equipment and bags. Thanks Erin for getting everything together, I had a great time! More about our shoot when I post the bridals in March.

I am off to enjoy this lovely weather today and work with one of my favorite families. So excited! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. how funnn!! shes gorgeousss ..aweseome pics abbyyyy

  2. thanks! they were lots of fun :)