Monday, February 8, 2010

[coming soon] New York New York

I've been saying for a while now how I am going to get around editing my New York vacation pictures from October 2009... and it's time. A couple of months behind is long enough, huh? So I will take a break from client previews for just a few posts to share with you all our favorites from our vacation. I'm sure I'll come up with stories of where we ate and what we did along the way too. This one here, we were walking around Brooklyn to get on the bridge through this awesome park and I spotted these two. Didn't want to make it obvious to stop and take a picture, so it was a almost without looking shot. I'm curious as to why they are here. Were they just casually walking around the park? Are they dating? Married? High school sweethearts that have met up for the first time in 10 years? Are they not supposed to be here? Ahh the fantastic thing about pictures... & just how many scenarios we can possibly pin them to. I was quite the paparazzi this trip (as you can tell by my previous description) - especially intrigued by lovers and people taking pictures. You'll see what I mean. Stay tuned - that's what's coming up next.
Oh and I have to say - "WHO DAT" for my great friends here that are so happy that the Saints won the Super Bowl... I just wish I would of been in Miami celebrating! It's Monday - let's start off this week with a positive attitude and HOPEFULLY lots of sunshine.
For fun: What is your take on the picture - What do you think their story is? Get creative and comment below. DON'T be shy... if you like you can leave it anonymously. :) I am still thinking about my response so you will have to check the comments to see what I came up with.


  1. omg i love this shot!

    I would say that they're pen pals that have been writing to each other for a while and have decided to meet up at the bridge!

  2. I think you interrupted their lunch time make out session.

  3. @Adasis - pen pals... you are truly a hopeless romantic :)

    My version of their story:
    I think they saw a group of people with cameras and thought "hey, lets hide our faces and kiss for a while". Maybe one of them will snap a really cool picture. And indeed... I did. :)