Thursday, February 11, 2010

food faves & stuff

And we are back with day two of our New York vacation recap. The Sunday we were there my cousins played tour guide and we were all over the place. I had never walked so much and so fast. We hit so many of the "must sees" in one day that the rest of the vacation seemed to be in slow motion. This next one is the entrance of the American Museum of Natural History. Out of the many that I took I chose this one because of the movie Night at the Museum. Just to show those of you that haven't been how different it actually is in real life. It's such a crowd pleaser - definitely my favorite museum I've been to. Bring your kids, they will love it.
This top one is for my mother to see (she's in Miami). When I was little I found an amethyst cluster rock at the park. They are pretty common so it really wasn't a big deal. She thought it was something weird and made me throw it away. So there you go mother, thats for you to see that it was just a crystal cluster. [ Sam please translate :) ] Right after our quick walk through we headed to the MET (Metropolitan Museum of Art).
A lot of the pictures this trip were textures... close ups of things that caught my attention. This is one of those cities that there is such cool stuff all around. The next time I plan a trip to NYC I will definitely take some time for a photo exploring day.
Not everything is big lights and industrial... they've got really pretty natural landscaping too. Not much but they make good use of what there is. James and I were like kids in FAO Schwarz. Their Barbie showcase is incredible. If mom & dad would of brought me there as a little girl... I would of never wanted to leave. I used to have a big Barbie collection. Even the tiny ones that you would get in your MCD's happy meal. Oh yeah, I was a Barbie kid.
This one was taken for my friend Jo. She enlightened me to my new favorite sweet shot mix. Peppermint Schnapps & chocolate syrup... some call it Andes Mint - Peppermint Patty - I call it yummy goodness. I think with one of those big bottles we would be good for a year.. you think?
We sat in Washington Square park for a while people watching. There was some kind of contest going on. I tried to rest my feet from so much walking. Couldn't take a nap, but I sure wanted to. Another day we took the ferry to Staten Island. It was SOO windy that day. My lens kept getting water on it so the picture taking was limited during the ride.
Now we come to one of my favorite things of the trip. Probably not James' highlight but it definitely makes my list. I had never gone to see a broadway play and this trip we were definitely going to at least one. James made me pick only one... because he isn't a big fan of theatre and because he thought it was ridiculously expensive to do it more than once in a week. I don't agree but at least I figured I could drag him to one show. I ended up wanting to see Hamlet. MAINLY because of Jude Law. I figured the others I wanted to see would still be around the next time we visited but this was going to be a once in a lifetime. I was sitting in the edge of my seat the whole time he was on stage. He was awesome. It was awesome. James had never read Hamlet so had no idea of the "tragedy"... so I can't blame him for hating me for picking it. I like it. I was amazed at his monologue scenes... they are quite long and he didn't break a sweat. Yeah the famous "to be or not to be"... Jude rocked it! I have such an admiration for him now. Will probably watch more of his movies just because the show. Loved it. If it ever comes out again or tours somewhere else - check it out. The critics can say whatever they want [the day before we went to see him they had chewed him up in reviews] ... he was fabulous.
Food time. It was hard not to post everything we took a snap of. First place I'm going to mention is Five Guys Burgers & Fries. Our friend Paty told us about it and we checked it out. Yum. Real food. Beyond fast food quality - and the fries... delish. They didn't start up in NY but they are great burger joint addition to the city.
Here is a list of the other places we went:
McKinny & Doyle (Pawling, NY) really good comfort food with a spin.
Timmy's on the River (upper east side) we went there two days, right by our hotel. Lunch was better than dinner.
Rue 57 (midtown west) met with my family there. Had lots of wine... really don't remember our food.
Noodle Pudding (Brooklyn) LOVED IT... so yummy. I could go there again and again. Doesn't even have a sign, but once you find it you won't forget it's there.
Famous Daves (timesquare) hmm nothing special.
Chevy's Fresh Mex (timesquare) addicting salsa and huge margaritas. I was full with my salsa and cheese dip so really never tried the fajitas that James ordered. He liked them though.
Juniors (Grand Central station) AWESOME.
Rice (Brooklyn) corn on the cob with cheese... haha & mexican chicken soup. It's different and eclectic, a hole in the wall kind of place. My favorites.
Hanna's Mideastern (Danbury, CT) yummy too. My cousins ordered the sampler plate... lots of food.
Serendipity 3 - wow. We already knew it was going to be a must see because of the movie. It's one of my favorites and with all the rave that the frozen hot chocolate has we had to make a stop in just for dessert. James had the Forbidden Broadway sunday [ its description from the menu: chocolate Blackout cake, ice cream, hot fudge topped with whipped cream... at a whopping $15.00 - SO worth it. ] After this we were stuffed. Happy happy campers. [ I didn't forget to mention something about the above picture of the APPLE heaven on Fifth Avenue. James and I were like "ahh". :) ]
The rest of our eating spots were grocery shops, stands and a nearby Starbucks. Next up is my picture analogy of people taking pictures ( lol- James would just watch me and shake his head and what I would be looking at). Come back and see!


  1. I'm salivating as I see this pic of the ice cream! That is one place I have yet to visit- and I love that movie too!!!

  2. Wow. You ARE good at everything! I love your abstract-ish shots. I used to do that so much but I couldn't do it to save my life!

  3. Hmm the ice cream was insanely good.
    & @Kaylynn spanks you! :P

  4. i had to read hamlet for a gay language arts teacher i have !! and i LOVE five guys its ssoo good ny is the place to be !!! :)