Wednesday, February 3, 2010

let's wed

That's quite a funny one to start off with. She was in the bathroom by herself when I sneaked in and caught her admiring the bra and looking at the mirror. I had to take snap of that. It's wedding time. This little munchkin's parents were tying the knot and Kaylynn & I were there to document their day of love. Just like before, it was lots of fun to come along to shoot with Kaylynn. The weather was going to hold up just long enough for them to have a wonderful wedding. We were off early morning to New Orleans to meet them at the hotel. I've chosen a couple to show you all my favorite moments of the day. [ thanks to Kaylynn & Tara for allowing me to post them :) ] Tara looked so calm and in control that morning. Kinda reminded me of how I was the day of my wedding. Looking back to that day so many things went wrong and I was as cool as cat. (Makes me laugh now, I even had to go to the florist because they had all the bridesmaids bouquets wrong. I wasn't a bridezilla, I just said "well now that you know its wrong, we have time to fix it". And so I left to go get my hair done...) I love these next ones of them two. One day the roles will switch and even though Tara may be putting on make up on her little girl it will be her day to celebrate. They grow up so fast!
How pretty is she?! The next one below was one of those other funny moments. When I saw them picking up their dresses and trying not get muddy as they walked through the park... click. Tara, you have got such pretty legs! I am jealous... my limbs are so thin. Haha - I'm not complaining :)
The ceremony/reception was at Champagne Palace in New Orleans. I'll let Kaylynn blog about the more formal stuff and I will skip right to walking down the aisle as husband and wife part. I liked this one so much because of the smile that Jason has on his face as he is walking with Tara. It's such a happy, loving and caring expression. I love the look of love... and these two were all wrapped in it.
We had a little time to spare to take some of just them two away from the party. Justin was making silly faces at me. It was perfect to get them to genuinely laugh and have that joyful glow. This is one of my favorite parts of the wedding day - bride/groom interaction. Whether it's before or after the ceremony, there's something about the wedding day that's so special.
The above picture makes me smile. Those girls were having so much fun! There was lots of dancing and partying. Everything was smooth and the wedding turned out perfect. I wish you both the best - lots of love & happiness. Thank you for allowing me be a part of your day. :)


  1. These are CRAZY AWESOME! Nice work Mrs. Abby :)

  2. ABBYYY these are greatt!!!!! I wanna see more!! :)