Friday, February 5, 2010

little miss Addison Montgomery

That's been my nickname for this little cutie during my editing process - little miss Addison Montgomery. If you don't know who I am talking about... then you probably aren't into watching Grey's Anatomy [which is by far my favorite show on tv]. Meet Addison. My first little newborn baby girl to break the boy streak I had for 5 months. Just as a head up... I am abusing the amount of pink in this post. I've missed it so much, little girls are too much fun. There is just so much more to do with girls than boys, not to mention all the girly accessories ( bows, ribbons, lace.. etc. ). Mom & Dad - here is your long awaited preview of your precious Addison.
I brought with me so many little hats, some that I had been saving for a long time because I hadn't worked with any girls. Addison is so small though that most of them were too big for her - [ note to mom: We need to make more tiny ones for the teeny-weeny ones like her ;) ]. She kept doing this lip press pout that I LOVE...
We tried to recreate a feet shot that I had done with baby Niles when he was a newborn. This was our take this time. Niles was a month old when we did his, so his feet were quite bigger than little Addy's. She kept curling her toes and wiggling them for me. Too cute.
He knows how much I enjoy taking pictures of him. When we got together for his 2 year shoot I kept entertaining him by showing pictures of Coco on my iPhone... and then I would tell him that Coco was hiding in the camera. Well he remembered... and we had some more Coco picture/video time. So funny how my little pooch can make quite the impression. I will have to bring him along one day so he can meet him in person. I bet he would get a kick out of that. :)
One last one of those pouty lips. Thank you Niles & Chasity for choosing me as your family photographer. I love capturing all the stages of these kiddos lives and always look forward to our next shoot together.

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