Sunday, February 14, 2010

REAL family time | Baton Rouge Family Photographer

I had been talking with this mom about scheduling a session with her family for some time. Her belief in me and what I can do has allowed me to meet other families and work in my favorite kind of session, births. She has her own ringtone, especially for when she has had to call late at night or early in the morning, that it's time to go to the hospital. She shares my same delight for images that evoke emotion. Every time I bring her a new set of pictures of a session, her favorites always seem to be the same as mine. To you all it's kind of a secret project that I can't wait to share. She knows how excited I am about it that I seem to call every week hoping for updates or loupe holes to waiting. She calmly always tells me the same and asks me to be patient. I get excited on a whole other level about birth sessions. Right now I am so antsy for my next one. I only hoped that I could do the same for her family, provide her with the same kind of images that we love. This was the family that if you are a facebook friend I kept begging for sunshine & pretty weather on my statuses. We kept having to reschedule and that always makes me worried. But, finally we got our ducks in a row. Although it was still cool, we had the sun on our side. This is a sneak preview of our day together. [ For them too ] :)
They played Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed game. I had never seen or heard of it and I will admit, was kinda jealous that I wasn't playing. You have to pretend to brush your teeth, shower, put your pj's on... bed time stuff and that caused some funny faces and laughter from all of us.
I always love story book time. It's so easy to get the kids to forget I am there. When I was a little girl I used to have the kind of books that come along with a cassette and ring every time you had to turn the page. I really think that's how I learned English so fast. I would memorize the stories even before I could read. Reading has always been one of those things that puts me in my own little world. I hope the day I have my own children they will enjoy it as much as I do.
These rolling bikes/scooter looking things were so much fun. I was afraid that he was going to run into me because I had my zoom lens and I would see him so close when he still wasn't. Silly me. I should be used to it because of my brother Samuel - terrorizing the house with all his toys when I was there. Now he is too cool for that... or so he says - he's a skateboarder dude all of the sudden.
The book he picked happens to be a shark reference tool - maps, pictures, descriptions... 'big people' book. Nonetheless he sat there reading and looking all grown up for me. We headed outside before it would get colder to a nearby playground. Another one of my childhood favorite pastimes. We shared our fence with an elementary school, so it was super close. Loved it... and so convenient for my mom.
Love this next one. I always like to try some really up-close shots (especially with my seniors). This momma could so handle it. :) So pretty.
"This is the best thing ever" seesaw seesaw "This is the best thing ever". I will probably never forget that. I even rode it with them trying to get a picture... not the smartest thing, couldn't keep myself steady enough. But I agree - at 4 - riding the seesaw with your family the best thing ever. :)
I love these two, and the shoes help me love it even more. I will remember next time, no pumps in the playground. James said, 'she looks so young here having fun'. So you've already got one compliment from my husband. Tomorrow when I call, it won't only be to know about our project but to get together to show you all the rest of these. Yay. :)


  1. Abby,
    Thank you so much for taking such incredible pictures of my family. I absolutely love them. As i read this post and looked at the pictures, I teared up just a little. You are so very talented!!
    The pictures captured the exact feeling that I hoped that they would, I am so glad that we have have had so many opportunities to work together and I look forward to new and exciting projects as well as more pictures of my little demons!


  2. Great images. Great lighting in the first ones.

  3. @ Amanda : You all were so easy to work with. I am so glad that everyone has liked the pictures. I am so happy with them. :) Thank for the heartfelt comment :)