Monday, February 1, 2010

sparkling blue & amazing

Meet Aless. We had been trying to shoot her senior session since the beginning of December and 'every time' something came up. The weather was always against us. If you are a photographer, you understand how important it is to be friends with Mr.dear 'ol sunshine. I was looking at the weather forecast and saw that the day we had rescheduled to (again) looked like it was going to be raining (again) but that a couple days before it was going to be beautiful. We made it happen, switched our schedules around and voila. It was such a perfect day. These are my favorites of our day together. Enjoy your sneak preview!
I've said it on here countless of times how I am a sucker for blue eyes... but these were like WHOA in your face sparkling gorgeous. I kept finding myself zooming in and taking pictures of only one eye... looking at it in my viewfinder and smiling. LOL I kept telling her too, "wow your eyes look amazing in this shot"... I should of said it in Spanish - 'que ojos mas bellos'... [which I promise that next time I will only talk to you if you do so in Spanish].
My main reason for loving senior sessions is all the teen talk going on. School stuff, friends, boyfriends, shopping, music... I feel like I am in high school again. The best part is when they teach me something. As if I was you know, from a different generation or something... it makes me feel old. Aless couldn't hold the serious look very long... we laughed most of the time and it was probably at all the romantic relaxing music that kept coming up on my playlist. There is no room for Michael Buble on my senior sessions - he isn't cool enough for them yet. Sorry Michael... we will keep it only between us in my late editing nights. Here is a couple of her laughing at me... :)
We had to wrap up the session because Aless is a cheerleader and they had a game that afternoon. little miss warrior. I had such a great time - can't wait to show them all. :) It's Monday... and already February. I am looking forward to all the promising movies coming up this month. Dear John is out on Friday... we've got girls night already planned. I am reading the book and hopefully I will finish before then. Channing Tatum. um yeah. Have a great week everyone!

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