Friday, March 26, 2010

Casey's Birth Session Part 1

I'm very excited to post these pictures on the blog. I had a special connection with this family. Whenever I get a call about a birth session I get all giddy and ready to meet the parents. Turns out that when Casey called me to set up a meet I was in the midst of planning my Miami trip. So naturally I was nervous to have such an unpredictable session and a vacation during the same time. But I decided to meet with them regardless and see when the due date was and the rest of details about when the baby was coming. I knew I would get sucked in, happens every time. Miami plans out the window. For some reason this time was different. After talking to Casey for a while, I wanted to be part of their special day more than I wanted to go visit my family. What made this session so special is that this is their second attempt at having a baby. Complications unfortunately left them at loss with their first child. By the tears in our first conversation I can only imagine how traumatic something like that is. The birth of Mason would be something long awaited and incredible for this family.
Casey called me on a Thursday and we decided to meet the next morning. Meeting next day is something that I hardly ever do, but it was convenient and why not? Turns out that she was due the exact same time I had set out to go to Miami, so I canceled my trip and was ready for the hospital call. I didn't have to wait long. The very next day (Saturday) Casey calls. Buzzer ringtone and all. I am in Walmart in the line to pay... after hearing the news that she is in the hospital... I got soooo excited. It was 10:00pm ... perfect timing for a birth session. I called my best friend Rex, with the news that I was still coming to Miami. I was getting both of my wishes!!! So off to the hospital. Casey and Adam were very calm. She had already had her epidural, it was now a waiting game. I liked how she brought her own slippers... I notice small things like that. I probably would be barefoot, just because I can never find my shoes, but definitely something to remember when it's my turn. They are iPhone folks too... big plus. LOL it's so funny how all iPhone users stick together.
Adam was so sweet the whole time, anxiously awaiting for his little boy. It's the middle of the night and we were all ready to see Mason. The family were all asleep in the waiting room, wanting updates, asking when is Mason coming? She was moving along pretty quickly, so we were all hoping he would be here before breakfast.
Up next is more of Casey's birth story. I am back from Miami for those of you that thought I was going to stay... (I wish!) Good news is that I will be back next Thursday for 10 more days. I am hopeful this time, getting to go back so quickly, maybe I'll move back. I got sick as soon as I got there with what seems to be like the flu. It sucks being sick. Especially on vacation. So my plans to work while I was there turned into stay in bed while in the sunshine state. Not fun. Therefore things are a bit behind. I am slowly recovering from this yucky stuff and catching up with work quickly. If you haven't heard back from me, don't worry I'm not ignoring you. Having so much to do seems overwhelming when I am not feeling good. Thank you all for your patience (those of you waiting to see your pictures... :) I am editing day/night when I don't feel drugged by all the meds, updates & galleries for everyone are coming shortly). Have a great weekend!

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