Saturday, March 27, 2010

Casey's Birth Session Part 2

The big moment is finally here. Adam and Casey have been waiting for so long to see their baby and hold him in their arms. It was such an emotional 30 seconds. It always is, that first moment when you see your baby, emotions fly through the room and everyone present is overjoyed. For Casey the feeling was intensified by 100x's over. I was already tearing up before I even saw the baby knowing that when the moment would come I couldn't be caught up in tears. Meet little Mason.
This is always my favorite shot ( the one above ). If I had a big enough wall space I would get this one moment printed from each one of my birth sessions. Hmm I'm getting ideas now...
There isn't much to say when you have these moments captured. You can sit with your family and flip through all the pictures and they will feel like they were there there with you experiencing the birth of your child. Priceless.
They were in awe with everything Mason. So excited and happy... I left the hospital that day wanting a baby. Their excitement was so contagious. Nothing beats that feeling. One day. One day it will be my turn. For now, it's nice to share it with my client's families. Casey had a smile that didn't fade way the whole time she had Mason in her arms. Who can blame her?
Family time is another favorite moment. These grandma's were in heaven. I couldn't understand what Casey's mom was saying (because she was speaking in Chinese) but I really didn't need to know the words to take in the gist of the conversation. Facial expressions give it away. Clapping gives it away even more. HAPINESS. JOY. LOVE.
Mason is such a photogenic little baby. Smiling at me already at 0 days old. How sweet! Thank you Casey for allowing me to share your story. It was such a pleasure to work with you and your family. I am so fortunate to witness this kind of miracle every time I do a birth session. Makes me all jolly inside. It's not about going to the hospital and all the clinical part of the process. Because honestly I couldn't imagine myself as a nurse, I give all the credit to them for their hard-work in helping expecting moms deliver their baby. To me its about the result of all that pain and labor. The baby part. The moment when the parents first see their child, the baby's first look into the world, the parents holding their child for the first time, the family meeting their new baby... that is why I do this. To capture those first moments for the family. Now if you add in a family that has a great story and couldn't be more excited about having a child... makes being in the hospital for hours totally worth it. Mason is Adam & Casey's little miracle. I am more than thrilled to present to them these pictures. I know that they will treasure them forever.
More to come of baby Mason. He is quite the model during his newborn session. Up next are senior previews. My girls have been anxiously waiting :)


  1. I can't wait to meet my baby girl. Seeing these pictures make me cry just thinking of how my moment will be.

  2. BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL work girl. I really want to do more births as well. It makes me CRY's just such a miracle to see the birth of another tiny human!!

  3. Great work Abby! :) Love them they are beautiful images!

  4. Thanks girls :) I cry all the time too. :)

    Cherie, your moment will be very special. I'm 100% sure of it :) I can't wait to meet her either. She is going to be such a cute little model.

  5. Casey MeyerMarch 30, 2010

    I love these pictures!

    I checked out several birth session photographers' sites and went with Abby because I loved her style. We decided to have a photographer in the room to capture all the details so that Adam could enjoy every moment without having to worry about what pictures to take. After our first son died unexpectedly, we were in the delivery room in shock and very unprepared so we only had 8 pictures that the nurses took for us. We knew that this time around, we wanted as many pictures as possible. Although I had just met Abby the day before, I had no reservations about having her in the delivery room with us. She has such a passion for what she does that she was even willing to cancel her vacation plans to be on call in the upcoming weeks. When I went into labor (the next day!) on a Saturday night, she came right away. Since Mason came earlier than expected, we were a little unprepared, but Abby had done many different types of birth sessions so not only was she prepared, she was able to tell us tidbits of what to expect. It's wonderful to look over these pictures, to relive the moment, and to see things that I didn't get a chance to see since I was stuck in bed. They really capture all the emotions that we went through, and the shots of baby and family are prefect. When the big moment arrived, her presence was so transparent that it was like she wasn't even there.

    I'm so glad that we chose Abby to be our birth session photographer!

  6. amazing abby i love this session especially the dads black and white picture