Tuesday, March 2, 2010

family session preview | Baton Rouge Children's Photographer

I've raved before about how much I love this family. It's time to do so again. Working with them is such a joy. They worry about being a good 'model family' for me. Seriously? They are such naturals. I get so excited every time we have a scheduled session. It turns out to be so much fun and easy. This was my first time photographing Ava since her newborn shoot, and oh my did I fall in love with her sweet face. You all know my thing with blue eyes by now (it seems like I mention it every other post)... & Ava has the most AMAZING shape and color ever. So beautiful. We started out the session in their home. Ava was automatically star-struck by James, so if she is looking off somewhere away from the camera it's probably at him. I haven't showed the family the pictures yet... I wanted to give a sneak-peak first. Here they are...
There she goes smiling at James. Typically little girls don't like James too much. I don't blame them [jk haha] but Ava was the exception to the rule. She would even raise her arms for James to hold her. He felt quite special.
It was such a perfect day. The weather cooperated beautifully. I love it when that happens, a week full of yucky days and then the weekend surprises you with warm sunshine. I am so ready for winter to be over. The cold weather is hard to predict... and when you add rain... total disaster. I can't wait to see spring start blooming, all this hay looking grass is depressing.
See what I said about those big blues... gorgeous. My mom says she looks like a porcelain doll, and I totally agree. Hudson is quite the STUDSON too. There is this mischievous flirty look that he would shoot my way every now and then that would make me smile and blush. Watch out a couple years from now Jolie, I am quite sure that the Studson nickname is going to stick around.
I love it when mom & dads are up for getting some of just them as well. There is no reason not to have pictures of just the couple through out the years...
This top one turned out to be my favorite of the shoot. I think it's because how much excitement there is in Ava's eyes alone. Looking at it makes me happy. Makes me want to reach in and touch her dimples.
This location was chosen because I love that wall color. It's the same color as my living room... and I am obsessed with blue/gray tones. In my modern family shoots it's not about sticking to one location. We drive around and look for somewhere that will be neat for the family to play.
Since James came along, he always gets some shots of me in action. I like it when I have some of me and the family, sweet memories. Jolie & Kelly I know that you will love them all. I am so happy with the way they turned out. Can't wait to show you. :) I am going to have to come by Extreme Pita after hours to get to munch on some goodness while we look at them. Folks you should all go visit Extreme Pita on Essen Lane - they will hook you up with some awesome pita wraps. Yummy.
Up next - details about my Miami trip next week. Stay tuned to see what days I will be available to book a session.


  1. Cute images and cute family

  2. Jolie LandryMarch 03, 2010

    Thank you so much Abby! We enjoyed our photo session with you. You make it such a pleasure. Even Kelly (who usually hates taking pictures) doesnt mind if youre the photographer. We just played with the kids like we normally would and you managed to capture just the right shots. We all took a liking to your assistant "honey" (aka James), especially Ava. You have such an awesome talent!! We are more than pleased with the pictures!
    Thanks again,
    Jolie Landry

  3. Abigail, Jolie is my cousin and I never leave my camera at home when our family gets together. Our grandmother, who is 84 and allowed to say whatever she wants at this age, stands firm that our family is capable of producing ONLY beautiful people. Of course, I just like to play around with my dinky little digital and every so often I'll catch something special. Your photos are stunning. They gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes.

    Have you met Jolie's siblings and their children? They are all gorgeous and when the whole clan is captured on film, it's magic.

  4. Thank you so much girls :) It means so much to hear that the dad's don't mind having a session with me. Because most of the time they are the big babies. :) Kelly from the first shoot we did was easy. Remember he was even suggesting poses? LOL love it :)
    @ Jolie's cousin - I haven't met all the family yet but I am sure I would agree with your grandmother. :)

  5. Hi Abby.. I am also Jolie's cousin, Alise. Those pictures are stunning. Actually, I told Jolie I wanted to set something up with you for my family. Your work is beautiful and captured some great moments for the Landrys.

  6. Thanks Alise - We will definitely have to get together with your family as well. Let me know whenever you are ready to talk details :)