Thursday, March 4, 2010

suede. blue. fabulous.

Whenever my eyes hurt from staring at the computer for too long (usually it's while I am editing) I think of dancing. I pick Coco up and pretend that he loves it as much as I do. Music is big part of my life. There is always something playing. ALWAYS. Quiet time is for reading and sleeping. I've told you guys about my thing with picking a song a day. Burning the replay button until a new song enlightens me. It's annoying to every one around me... it's like, seriously? again? and again? I figured out why I do it. I don't like to be alone in my office, so I need the 'noise' to distract the awful silence. I love typing and working to a beat. If it's the same song over and over I can concentrate on a steady flow. I know the lyrics and I am not compelled to sing all the time so it allows me to work. Out of working... then it usually has to do with my mood that day. Something that happened or something someone said. That is how song of the day gets chosen. Today - Baby by Justin Bieber. [ My cousin Jael that's 14 yrs thinks he's hot.. LOL That's when I know that I am out of the 'cool' group] I feel like a teenager all over again listening to that song. Yesterday and the last couple of days its all been spanish reggeaton and salsa. Since I will be in Miami next week, I am already getting in my latin mood. Among my favorite replays are - Shakira, Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift, Jerry Rivera ( I had the biggest marathon of all his songs the other day ), Aventura, Usher, Justin T., Winsel & Yandel... as you can tell the spectrum has a big range. Today during my shoot my senior called my music 'random'. Couldn't of picked a better word. It is. Random. I love it. My awesome blue pumps are ready to spin in the dance floor. That is my biggest stress reliever. I can't wait - it's been 8 months since the last time I was in Miami having that kind of fun. Way too long. My friends are the greatest when it comes to showing a girl a good time. So my dear buds, I am coming (yay) - I have missed you - let's cut up. :) besitos.
la flacundenga

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