Wednesday, April 28, 2010

1,2,3 kiss

I received an email back in November 2009 from this young lady asking about session details for a bridal shoot. She is my uncle's wife's sister's husband's cousin (leave it up to the Cubans to have a long line of how they are related to everyone. Just wanted to throw that in there for cultural purposes) and lives in Miami. So we decided that the next time I would have a trip planned to come visit we would schedule their shoot. Well, it wasn't until last month that I was able to return to my lovely home... so guess who was excited? She got everything ready and we set a date to finally take her pictures. They never were able to do the whole wedding thing, so this was going to be the day to get all dressed up relive that lovey day feel. We went to Vizcaya Museum & Gardens (my fellow Miami people know it as where everyone takes their fifteen pictures, but since I had never shot there, it was no ritual to me). I had a whole entourage with me that day.. [scroll down to see who]. Perfect Miami weather. Couldn't ask for a better day to spend with these two as they kissed and posed for my camera. Odalys, here is your long awaited preview. Enjoy!
They lovingly call Odalys' - Pocahontas.. and I can definitely see why. You looked so purrdy. Loved how natural and beautiful your make-up turned out. I think you told me... MAC? Correct me if I am wrong, but I love those guys. They are the ones that did mine for my 'trash the dress' session. Their colors totally rock!
Work it girl... I am always curious to see what kind of expressions I will get from couples when I push the sexy level. I would tell her to give Yosvany the seductive look... that plus all the comments that were coming from Denny, inspired them to break loose and show me some love.
Check out my posing while I am shooting hold my butt and leg before I fall shot. Brought to you by courtesy of Rex. hehe
Meet my entourage for the day. Rex & Denny. They kept James company so he wouldn't feel so alone. Oh how I wish that these two could come along more often! For those of you that may of just landed on my blog today... that's my best friend (forever and ever and ever) Rex and her hubby, Denny. So much fun. Denny was encouraging all the love-dovey-ness and tons of laughter - perfect to help break the ice with this shy couple of mine. Thank you so much for all the help!
To my lovely Rex: I miss you my love!!! When I was editing this session and got to these last pictures of us, I started to look closely at our faces. Why in the world I would do that, I have no idea. So I compared it to a picture of us years ago. My love, we are aging. Our laugh lines are getting deeper... and deeper. So I thought :( but then I remembered all the good times that have brought along those lines and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world. They have made us - us. What would our lives be without Seminola, Johnson-Bright-Filer-MLEC, golfio, grocery coupons, rooftops, TREES, mash potatoes and vienna sausages (that sounds so gross right now), braces, "snakes", pictures, videos, sleepovers, grapes in my shoes, dancing to Britney, matching outfits, M&M's and the list goes on and on. To everyone that has a really close friend remember to treasure your friendship and never let things get in the way. Great friends are hard to find. Rex has been my best friend ever since I can remember. We would do EVERYTHING together. And if it wasn't because I moved to Louisiana, we would still be doing things together all the time. We have never been in a real fight, even though when we were little we would pull each other's hair and I would make her eat bad stuff (like grass and vegetables (cough cough - grass=lettuce)(lol) (Sorry love) ). I got her back no matter what and even when I do stupid things that I know she doesn't approve of, I go to sleep knowing that she's got my back too. I've been told that if we were blood sisters we wouldn't get along so well or be so alike. I don't know what the difference is, because to me she is more than my sister. I wish for all of you to find someone like that, be it your spouse, sibling, parent or special friend that has come a long way and knows everything about you. It's crazy, but I sometimes go by a day without talking to her, and I really can't remember if I did or not because in my head I seem to be talking to her all the time. Enough because I will start to tear up. To the rest of my girls ( you know who you are if you know what's going on with my life week to week and our conversations can go on and on ) thanks for being there as well. I am so fortunate to be blessed with such caring and loving friends. This isn't national friends day or nothing like that... no reason behind me getting all mushy. Just was watching Runaway Bride the other night and I love the friend relationship between Maggie & Peggie. Lol - yeah I know totally random. Happy Wednesday!


  1. OMG Odalz & Yosvanz's (that's my loving thug name for them( pics came out beautiful!

  2. Nice work really nice. Denny love how the flowers look on you. lol
    Cute couple "Rexy & Denny". LoL :)

  3. Abby, I want to thank you for such a great time and great pictures. I had a really awesome day with you and your were very nice and helpful too..especially trying to block that Miami sunshine..I loved every moment of it and enjoyed your company..I absolutely love my pix. And will definitely use your services again..You're very professional and down to earth and I have to add, crazy like us over here in MIA. love ya! xoxo

  4. Oye I'm gonna kick ur butt, I look gay on that pic. But apart from that nice work. Keep making those Benjamins.
    Your Brother, Denito

  5. No Denito don't say that you look good. "Right Rexy". I like it I la pose I love it even more. LOL. Na mentira you Rexy and everyone look good. :) (nice one Abby. No le tiraste mas photo a Denny con las flores??? I would love to see them.

  6. Denny's flower picture is very manly. I don't know what your talking about brother. Thanks guys for the compliments. Odalys you were so easy to work with. I love it when couples are open to anything. Let's my crazy brain get more creative that way. ;) and yes of course I'm like you guys... Hialeah-agua fango y factoria. Lol hehe 305 baby!!!

  7. LOL....ur too much love..Thank you so much Abby..