Sunday, April 18, 2010

Alana & Justin | New Orleans engagement session

Is Pro Source the matchmaker? Definitely worked out that way for these two. I am so happy that they chose me to be their wedding photographer. Alana knew exactly how she wanted everything. When we talked months ago about wedding details, when it was all ideas and possibilities. Today, they all came true. We immediately clicked during our first meet at CC's (it's ok Starbucks, there's no way I would trade you). What would normally be a 20 minute meet turned into almost 2 hours of girl chat. Simple: they love each other - ready to make things traditionally official - ready for their lives as husband and wife to begin. So let's plan a wedding. I love it when I meet a bride that likes to tell the story... the story of how they met, how they are, how he proposed... makes me giddy. Listening stories about love makes me blush and all warm inside... such a sucker for that kind of thing. When we talked about scheduling their engagement session I was told that they wanted real, not cheesy, not posey... just them. I was warned that there was going to be lots of laughter and giggles. Perfect. We headed to New Orleans because that's where Alana really wanted to have it all. Gorgeous day - super packed, it's like everyone decided to go to the quarter that day. We walked around and I got to know Justin & Alana. They made me laugh most of the time, and completely prepared me for what I knew would be an awesome wedding.
My favorite thing about shooting in New Orleans is all the color & texture. It's scattered everywhere. Alana has this glow about her when she is with Justin. He does all this picture taking business just for her and therefore shows all the love back. Great combination. There is this John Mayer song that I think it's called 'Comfortable' - it reminds me of them. I don't know why - and the lyrics probably don't apply exactly to them- but the feel of the song, the comfortable part - it's Alana & Justin.
I enjoyed shooting your wedding day so much. I am completely exhausted right now, and I am sure you guys are as well from all the partying. I can't wait to get into those pictures and see what I come up with.... SURPRISE. Have a great time in your honeymoon and I will see ya when you get back!
So how is that for catching up? Two blog posts in one day. As you can tell I am super behind in blogging - I am just now getting around to Alana & Justin's engagement post (wedding was today). Back to being a busy little bee. I've gotten my sleeping schedule under control though. This last Miami vacation helped a whole lot to get back to "normal" people working hours. No more going to bed at 3:00 am. At least for now. I am off to bed - my super-skinny-muscle-less arms are so tired from holding my heavy camera all day. More catching up tomorrow, so come back and see! Good night ;)


  1. These are phenomenal, as always Abby! Great work :)