Friday, April 23, 2010

Ashley + Jeremiah | WED | March 7,2010

"He's hot for a red head". Ashley & Jeremiah met at a Jehovah's Witness convention, but at the time he was in a previous relationship. Ashley thought... why does he have to have a girlfriend? Don't you hate it when that happens... meet the right kind of guy but he is already taken. Well soon after she comes to find out that his relationship had ended. After a dance or two at a friend's party later on these two started talking and started dating in 2007. When you watch Jeremiah look at Ashley his love for her is so evident. It's that beaming gaze. He got creative for the proposal. While they were vacationing in Destin, FL, Jeremiah took Ashley for a walk on the beach. Seemed to be quite normal according to Ashley, but then he started to joke around with her "Wouldn't it be nice to get engaged on the beach".." Too bad that couldn't happen". As they are walking back there was on the sand a rose-petal-traced heart on the sand with the words 'Marry Me'. Way to melt a girl's heart Miah. Since then it was time to plan a wedding for these two. When we met last year I was quite nervous to be shooting their wedding. But I clicked with Ashley and she became more than my client. I could relate to so much with her. So it wasn't a job anymore... it was my friend's wedding. As to add even more pressure. We broke the ice during their engagement session and I knew back then that these two were going to be one good looking bride/groom couple. We stayed at the Hampton Inn & Suites right by the wedding location in Metarie. This is their wedding and their first day as husband & wife.
Ash you looked so beautiful and radiant. Tears and all. Thanks to Celeste and April for doing such an awesome job on her hair & makeup. Ashley is a daddy's girl (just like me) so the thought of leaving her parents would make her choke up. It reminded me of myself 3 years ago. I cried and cried so much. Oh goodness, I still cry for my mom & dad all the time. Of course, it's different because I moved 15 hours away, but still... it's a very emotional thing. So I completely knew what Ashley was going through. The father-daughter bond is one really hard to break. I'm going to start crying again, and I haven't even made it to the dancing part. Moving right along ;) LOVE LOVE loved her hair piece. Stunning.
Jeremiah knew how to work the camera as well. Looking all handsome while getting ready.
Ha-ha I love this one of Ashley and her maid of honor/sister, Adriana as they are off to the ceremony. The ceremony and reception took place at Champagne Palace. Nerves were pretty bad... Miah was pure smiles. He kept taking deep breaths and I had his eyes fixed at the beginning of aisle waiting for Ashley. Love that anticipation. Just like a lot of folks, my eye stays on the groom to capture that first look of his bride. I will admit that I was crying along with Jeremiah at the sight of Ashley. I can't help but to become overwhelmed with emotion, part of being such a hopeless romantic.
I loved their body language. They were so excited, happy, and IN LOVE. The way that they looked at each other while standing there made me blush and all giddy inside. Ashley's smile kept turning into a laugh and I thought it was so cute. Soo Ashley. I was worried at first that I wasn't going to be able to capture her emotions through her veil... um not with Ashley. She looked absolutely gorgeous. The day cooperated so beautifully. I couldn't of asked for better weather/light during the ceremony. Just perfect.
There she goes laughing away... LOVE it. Such a happy moment. Never forget it, Ash. You two make those that are "loveless" jealous. This is the moment that I tell myself how much I love my job. To capture that look of joy on your wedding day, mission = success.
We took 5 minutes for some portraits after all the family shots. The bottom right picture turned out to be my favorite. It was time to party... so enough picture taking. Not according to me of course, I could of stayed with them out there all night. They will be doing a trash-the-dress session, so we will have plenty of more time for those kind of shots.
This father-daughter dance was as emotional as mine. I cried. I cried. They cried. My camera got foggy near the viewfinder... and I told myself "Alright you drama queen". It was so sweet and touching. It's my favorite part of weddings most of the time. [ Just because we are talking about it now - I LOVE YOU DADDY ]
Thank you Ashley & Jeremiah for allowing us to partake in your special day. We need to do it all over again so I can party with you. I wish you both the best in the years to come. You have something very special, love and treasure each other very much. I would say have fun in your trip in Cancun but you are already back... :) Love ya girl! Wanna know the best part of shooting your wedding? ... I get to keep you as my girlfriend afterwards. Hehe :)


  1. I've only been waiting to see this wedding for forever!! It was well worth the wait, BEAUTIFULLY shot!

  2. I love this Abby, like Kaylynn said - beautiful! :)

  3. Thank you both so much :) I know I had mentioned it to you guys since the beginning. :)

  4. Hello Everyone,

    This is Ashley Killebrew (The bride from these pictures). Abigail did a phenomenal job on my wedding pictures. My friend Rachel actually recommended her to me and when I saw her work I was blown away. She truely captures amazingly natural shots with an abigail twist to it. It is AWESOME. If I had to do my wedding pictures again, it would be Abby hands down. Abby Thank you very much. You are wonderful and have awesome talent. <3

  5. Wow these pictures came out so beautiful! You captured their intimate moments so perfectly it brought a little tear to my eye, like I knew them. You did such a good job with this wedding. Que linda..Bien trabajo :)

  6. Perfect work like always, I love the pictures nice work. I’m dying to see my pictures LOL. Na mentira Yoandis said yesterday that you’re leaving him for last, to make him Waite hahaha. And let’s not mention que Carlito has me crazy already, if I give him your number he will drive you crazy, calling you every day. : )

  7. Thank you all so much!
    @ Ashley- thanks for being so fabulous!!
    @ Dunia- haha yes I am punishing Yoandis for making me give him a preview before everyone else. He got away with what I never do for that same reason, show you too much because then you get anxious. But they will all be done soon. Getting sick and traveling has put me so behind. Thank you guys for being so understanding. I can tell you though that Jonathan looks sooo cute in them! Those big blue eyes stand out so much. And for Carlitos, Ashley is a kid model. Beautiful.

  8. Thank you Abby, don't worry ill Waite because I know is going to be so worth it. By the way Yoandis said to stop punishing him that if you keep on taking more time he is going over there to get them personally hahaha. You left Carlios, and Yoandis really anxious by showing them the pictures and now making them wait “hahaha” nice one, they are the kind of man that don’t know how to wait. Now in this end me and Danay, we know how to wait because we know is going to be worth it 100%.

  9. I'm flattered by all the confidence in me. I may have to shoot again after all that pressure. :/ Tell Yoandis, "que siga, que lo voy hacer venir a donde estoy yo de verdad a buscarlas. A Jonathan le van a salir los dientes antes que me ponga a arreglar las fotos". Lol, yeah right. I couldn't do that to him. I never knew you and Danay as the patient ones, so I am definitely proud. After the wonderful assistance from Carlitos ( by far the best reflector holder/child entertainer/even me holder that I have ever had. I laughed more than Jonathan for sure, hard to keep steady while standing on a cooler and listening to all the noises and silly things he was saying ) he definitely deserves it, now Yoandis... He probaly put Jonathan to sleep on purpose. To make me work harder and have to reshoot when I visit again. Smart man. :)

  10. Yeah hard to believe but yeah lol, well sometimes is not always. But I know how busy you are so that's why I could wait for them. And yeah Carlito sometimes shows the little kid he has inside I love him. His always doing funny things and making everyone always laughed lol. Yeah and I think he did it also to have more teaching time lol and more now that his into buying his big camera lol. And into taking good pictures.

  11. < For those of you who are like... what's going on here between Dunia and Abby, commenting back and forth as if this were facebook... - SOON - very soon you will be seeing the session I did for them back when I was in a Miami a couple of weeks ago. Childhood friends that kidnapped me from my bestie one morning to capture the cutest little bundle they've got, Jonathan. No more details because I will get in the mood to stay up and finish editing their session. And umm.. Odaylys will kill me if I don't post hers tonight.>

    I thought he said he was getting the camera when he got his next paycheck... HMMM what happened Yoandis? lol - I am such an instigator. I am glad that he wants to learn to take better pictures of Jonathan. He is growing so fast and it's very important to have those kind of memories. I will give him another lesson when I see him next time. Maybe he will have a camera by then. ;) haha I can here him in the back already siding with me. Alright I won't make things any worse. Back to editing...

  12. Why I love my Ashley... (status on FB yesterday)

    To Abigail Alverez Todd I Love You Abby. Abby and I have become great friends. She was my wonderful photographer at my wedding and one of my chicas. That reggeaton was strictly for her =) Thank You very much for this wonderful memory. Because of you the pictures will come to life even after years of anniversarys to come.

    And yeah... I set down my camera to dance reggeaton with my Ash during the party. :)

  13. Yeah he was getting it lol, ("sorry honey I didn't let you get it") lol. Na mentira. He will get it soon, before we leave with Pichi & his girlfriend, in their honeymoon in August 28 in a cruise. So yes by then he thinks he will have it. :) And yes you heard him…