Saturday, April 17, 2010

Mason's Newborn Session Preview

Isn't he such a handsome little man? I am back everybody!!! I spent almost a month in Miami and have charged up my blogging energy. So no more neglect for my poor lonely blog. Thanks to those of you who still come visit to check and see if there is anything new going on. Lots and lots of posts coming up - I know I said I was blogging my senior girls next but I decided to change it up and keep Mason's newborn preview along with the birth session posts. I saw him today and man how fast he has changed. He is a chunky monkey already. So sweet to have these to remember his furry self. Just like a lot of my newborns, little Mason was anti-nakedness. We had to make it extra warm just for him - and of course to mom and dad (and me)- extra hot in the room. Totally worth it. So alert at only 6 days old. Perfect little model. Enjoy looking at his uber-cuteness.
This yellow little hat is my new favorite - thanks to Mom for her creativeness and disposition to always help out making stuff for me. [ My mom is the one that knits all my stuff in case you were wondering. And no she does not knit for sale. I wish, we would be making a butt load for how fast she can make one of these little things. I call her my little spider, or in Spanish - mi araƱa. ] This Miami trip I accompanied her to one of her "knitting club" meets - so cute. My mom isn't old, she has got more energy than me even after 2 grande white mochas, so the club part is just so that they can all get together and teach each other new stitches... I think that's what it's called. I am always impressed with the agility that these women have to construct clothing, blankets, hats and socks out of mere string. I can only knit straight across back and forth - like for scarves. One day... I will make my own little hats. Till then, my wonderful mommy gets to do so. :) She is such a pro.
Thank you Casey for allowing me to work with your family. I look forward to seeing little Mason grow and take many more pictures of him. I am so excited to be shooting a wedding today. I should be getting dressed and ready - so off I go. Time to be creative! Have a great weekend everyone :)


  1. Casey MeyerApril 17, 2010

    I didn't know your mom made all those hats! That's awesome. I love these pictures. He looks so different now.

  2. Yup she does. She is amazing