Thursday, April 22, 2010

senior sneak peak

School is almost out and I am still working with the last of my 2010 seniors. I've had such a great bunch this year. These girls have made me miss high school and wish I was eighteen forever. Then again I listen to all the friend/school/BOY drama and I reconsider. I really don't remember having a lot of friend/school drama - but as far as in the boy department... oh goodness. No more comments. Meet Jordan. I had so much during her session. She and her mom made me laugh all the time. Totally down to earth and willing to try anything. She was working it since we first started shooting - no need to warm up. Loved it.Jordan has been the first senior that has requested to go to a playground as a shooting location. I thought, ok that's different, let's do it. When we got there it was funny how we cleared the area. Mrs. Sharon was quick to offer suggestions which in turn brought us lots of laughter. I mean come on... I had to snap pictures of her too. Thank you so much for your help and such fun spirit.
Jordan your eyes look AMAZING! Pretty pretty pretty. (smiling with jealousy) ;)
I am so glad that spring is back. I was beginning to get tired of the grass looking like hay. The change of seasons is nice, but winter always seems to stick around for too long. The lack of color doesn't help much either. Today is a crazy editing day. I woke up with barely any energy, missing my drug this morning. I can't quite function the same without it anymore. I may have to get an overdose later to make up for it. Happy Thursday everyone!

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