Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunshine Sessions | let's play

Ahem.. as promised. These pictures make me smile and laugh at it's private jokes. Shoot numero 3 of my 'Sunshine Sessions' deal in Miami. I am purposely blogging completely out of order. Routine kills inspiration, so therefore I am picking and choosing random sessions to blog according to what story I want to tell. That top one is my favorite picture of our session together. I don't know if its because of the hard work that we went through to get it, but it definitely has an emotional connection with me. Those two beauties belong to one of my good ol' friend's sister. I always thought that this little man was so handsome, so when his momma came to me about pictures of the family I was super excited. We joke that there isn't much I need to do with such good looking models... they make my job easy. We headed to the park one afternoon along with their older cousin to 'see' what we could capture. Here are some of my favorites.
I love it when the older brother/sister likes their younger sibling. So much sometimes that you have to pull back some of the love because it seems to borderline violence. The love is so strong that it's over expressed. I love it. Because years down the road when they are fighting over every little thing... you will have PROOF. Proof that the love was there at some point in given time. My mom has used that line on me so many times. But then again, we joke that my brother Sam's baby pictures reflect the time that he was cute and now he is old & ugly. [ Sam that is not true - you know I LOVE YOU ] Check out miss. cutie pie... makes me want to pinch her cheeks and squeeze her rolls. ( see what I mean when it comes to borderline violence... )
OK time for session recall story telling. Young Mr.Rockstar was a pro model for me until he spotted a little friend swimming by in the lake. I am like hey! kids love ducks. Wrong Abby, wrong. He freaked out. Normal ducks keep swimming by. But not Hialeah ducks, not parque Amelia ducks. You see these ducks are used to people feeding them so when they spot humans they gravitate to them looking for food. The duck decided to waddle on over and check us out. There was no way to get Nathan to sit through that. He hopped up so fast and had his eyes fixed on the duck's whereabouts. Well eventually we had to change spots because the duck wouldn't leave. He kept coming back. Lesson learned: ask first... how are the children around animals? ... in order to avoid panicky duck visits. If panic happens... be ready to snap a picture.
Alex knew how to work my iPhone flawlessly. Not only that, he knew the words to my current hip hop playlist. He chose the music we listened to and carried around my phone as if he were a teen humming and singing along. My favorite song to listen to him sing - Baby by Justin Bieber. So stinkin cute.
Cutting up so bad that they laughed at themselves. I love Nathan's chuckle in that next one...and the hand gesture... love love. That's the kind of thing you can't pose. Yeah I can tell them to stand together like on the above pictures, but then I kinda do my thing and mess with them... laughter happens and click click another favorite shot happens.
Yeney, I think I laughed just as much with you during the session as we did with the kids. Your "inexperience" with photo sessions stress cracked me up. I hope that moms don't get mad at me for keeping it cool when kids seem to get antsy. I am just so used to it. My brother Samuel is to blame. He was the most hyper active child ever. So when we're taking pictures and the kids want to play... it's ok. I don't mind chasing them around. Next session we will much more emotionally prepared. Thank you so much for allowing me to work with your family. I enjoyed it so much! And so wraps another Miami session. Change of scenery really helps me get my mojo on. Now if only I could permanently move back to the sunshine state.... hmmm :) Someday.


  1. AnonymousJuly 21, 2010

    Hey Abby, I just today read your blog and saw the pics. I didn't expect to have our session be so popular as to make it to your blog... to that I say Thank You! Go ahead and laugh at my session stress...I'm the one with the awsome pictures on my wall-stress and all!!! Thank you and I am sure to easy up on the next one (soon to come). You do such an amazing job, that with such good looking models, the magic is inevitable! lol -even when I was stressing! Keep doing what you do cuz you do it so well!

  2. Aww thank you so much! :) I of course am not laughing at your session stress... it is quite understanding. That is what I am here for, to give you stress-free looking pictures. I am here. Whenever, wherever. :)