Wednesday, May 26, 2010


These are my senior girls. The ones that I could hang out with, the ones that text me all the time because they are so excited about their pictures, the ones I talk clothes/shoes and accessories with. I was so pleased to schedule a second session for both of them. I had so much fun in both their first sessions and had nothing but high hopes for the next. We picked such an awesome day. The weather cooperated so beautifully. I really couldn't ask for more. Stunning.
First weird encounter of the day: I found this abandoned house nearby, it seemed like a bulldozer ran right through it. Leave it to me to come across the most awkward shooting locations. We start shooting and I was already in love with the place. So we get the typical drive-stare-drive-honk-whistle-drive routine from the guys that would drive by. (this happens every time I shoot senior girls) They cause so much attention. :) I had to ask for backup and James came to the rescue. These next ones are all about Aless loosing her cool and there goes the attitude shot...
Second weird encounter of the day: When we moved on to shooting on the train tracks we saw this light. A small light faraway that meant the train would be coming soon. We got so excited. This wasn't any kind of attempt at suicide... we were far away from where the tracks were. It took forever. This is them waiting... waiting and waiting. Waiting so much that Aless decided to take a nap.
And the train came... yay! We were so excited. But then we had another visitor. A police officer decides to show up. We're all like.. ok? What did we do? Is this because of the train? Nooo.. no problem there. Turns out some nosey drive by people called the cops that that were some girls doing drugs by the train tracks. SERIOUSLY? Come on, seriously? The officer obviously saw that we were not any where close to looking like we would be doing so and told us to carry on. I was surprised on so many levels... how some people are so quick to judge. Thank you for looking out for the benefit of the community but did you miss the big camera in my hand? ... and the huge silver disk? I am sure that those two things scream trouble and have drugs written all over it. Way to waste my precious milky sunlight.
In the meantime, these two know how to make me laugh. Kate and the shoe drama... and we no longer need to say "say". Aless and all her random thoughts. Favorite of the day: My cut feels really great on these rocks right now. Thanks to Aless' sister, Haley, for her awesome job in curling her sissy's long locks. I loved it.
It's them. They make me feel 18 again. So yeah for a while I play too. Modeling totally doesn't work when I have them in front of me. It's the biggest joke. James snapped these in the midst of the falling house and then right before we were almost "arrested".

They made me a flower necklace. How sweet. :) I will always remember my sessions with these two. Great times. Makes me think so much of me and my best friend. We have so many pictures together growing up. I can totally relate why they would do this together. Awesome memories. Now as a goodbye and farewell to my girls - my favorite shot of the day. So them. Thank you girls for being so fabulous. Enjoy your summer and keep it together even though you won't be going to the same school. Trust me... I know all about long distance friendships. It is so worth it!

Monday, May 24, 2010

SR session preview

Laura reminds me so much of a young Katharine McPhee. When I first started shooting her session I couldn't assimilate who it was that I was thinking of. Until it hit me. And then I kept thinking of the song, Terrified. Pretty much had that song stuck in my head all day, thanks to Laura. " You set it again - my heart's in motion. Every word feels like a shooting star - I'm at the edge of my emotions. Watching the shadows burning in the dark. And I'm in love - and I'm terrified - for the first time - and the last time - in my only life." (Once it's stuck in my head, I can go on and on with it for days.) Our session was easy, relaxed, and simple. These are my favorites of our day together.
Mondays are make it or break it for me. Usually depends on the past weekend and how I can easily recover. This weekend was... wow. Yeah, nuts. So I am hoping that today gets me back on track. Some good lunch outta fix me up. Hmm I am really craving some Lario's right now... but hey, it's only mid-morning to be so picky.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

birth session preview | Candice part 3

Look at that sweet little face. Doesn't he just make you want to hold him? squeeze him? kiss him? eat him? lol. Welcome to the 'let's rave about how cute baby Jack is' post. I think that you already know how much I love children, but this one, stole my heart from day one. Literally. Baby Jack made me come home wanting a baby of my own. I later snapped out of it and decided to edit his pictures instead. Good thing. I am sure that I was going to think my baby was cute & adorable, but I am positive he/she wouldn't look a thing like baby Jack. Everyone that saw him thought the same thing. What a handsome newborn baby. Check out his family's reaction during their first meet.
I laugh at that picture above with grandpa because it appears like they are both giving me "the look". I love that chunky, cheeky, pink, Gerber baby thing that Jack has got going on. And so alert. He was posing all the time. Totally aware that he was getting his picture taken.
Seriously the cutest thing ever. What momma/daddy wouldn't be proud of having such a precious baby? These are definitely the pictures to bring out when Jack is older and has his girlfriends come over. Stud from day one. Look at those guns in the picture above. Pink muscle. How sweet!
This next one is one of my all time favorites. That mischievous look he is sending my way... melts my heart. When I decide to order more birth picture samples this one is definitely getting mounted. Love LOVE love.
Alright baby Jack, I will quit embarrassing you. No more gushy stuff about how cute you are. Well not really. Guess what? You have been featured on a site for all to see... take a look!
I am so happy that the Woman's hospital chose baby Jack's family to participate in their new campaign and have me photograph their birth story. Woman's web page just got a face lift. Totally new look/feel/layout. If you live in the Baton Rouge area and are in need of a doctor, definitely take a look at their website for your health provider search [picture directory available too, awesome bonus]. I have been working closely with them and some wonderful families for almost a year now shooting birth sessions and more. So much fun. My OBG/GYN is part of their group and I am sure to advocate for them that they will try to make your birth experience all about you. I can't say that I've been personally in the position as a laboring mother, but as one who has watched it more than a dozen times, they are there to make sure things are optimal for mom & baby. Much thanks to the PR/managing department for all your support. I look forward to all our future endeavors together.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

birth session preview | Candice part 2

Here comes my favorite minute of the whole birth session. It lasts merely seconds really. It's like boom boom blink your eyes and it's done. I get so hyped up and tense. Excited and nervous. All the hours spent waiting suddenly become all worth it. I've seen it dozens of times. Still, with every family the rush of emotion happens all over again. Happy happy happy. Hello there baby Jack!
This little man is such a charmer. Honestly the most photogenic newborn baby I have ever photographed. In the next blog-post I will put up all his solo-shots and you will see exactly what I am talking about. I mean, come on, look at those pouting lips...
Candice and Cameron had this happy, relief and proud look on their faces the whole time, so contagious. I am quite sure that in that moment all the labor pains were forgotten. Nothing else mattered to them but their new little bundle of joy.
Saving the best for last... Jack's close up is up next. Oh and some exciting news too.