Wednesday, May 26, 2010


These are my senior girls. The ones that I could hang out with, the ones that text me all the time because they are so excited about their pictures, the ones I talk clothes/shoes and accessories with. I was so pleased to schedule a second session for both of them. I had so much fun in both their first sessions and had nothing but high hopes for the next. We picked such an awesome day. The weather cooperated so beautifully. I really couldn't ask for more. Stunning.
First weird encounter of the day: I found this abandoned house nearby, it seemed like a bulldozer ran right through it. Leave it to me to come across the most awkward shooting locations. We start shooting and I was already in love with the place. So we get the typical drive-stare-drive-honk-whistle-drive routine from the guys that would drive by. (this happens every time I shoot senior girls) They cause so much attention. :) I had to ask for backup and James came to the rescue. These next ones are all about Aless loosing her cool and there goes the attitude shot...
Second weird encounter of the day: When we moved on to shooting on the train tracks we saw this light. A small light faraway that meant the train would be coming soon. We got so excited. This wasn't any kind of attempt at suicide... we were far away from where the tracks were. It took forever. This is them waiting... waiting and waiting. Waiting so much that Aless decided to take a nap.
And the train came... yay! We were so excited. But then we had another visitor. A police officer decides to show up. We're all like.. ok? What did we do? Is this because of the train? Nooo.. no problem there. Turns out some nosey drive by people called the cops that that were some girls doing drugs by the train tracks. SERIOUSLY? Come on, seriously? The officer obviously saw that we were not any where close to looking like we would be doing so and told us to carry on. I was surprised on so many levels... how some people are so quick to judge. Thank you for looking out for the benefit of the community but did you miss the big camera in my hand? ... and the huge silver disk? I am sure that those two things scream trouble and have drugs written all over it. Way to waste my precious milky sunlight.
In the meantime, these two know how to make me laugh. Kate and the shoe drama... and we no longer need to say "say". Aless and all her random thoughts. Favorite of the day: My cut feels really great on these rocks right now. Thanks to Aless' sister, Haley, for her awesome job in curling her sissy's long locks. I loved it.
It's them. They make me feel 18 again. So yeah for a while I play too. Modeling totally doesn't work when I have them in front of me. It's the biggest joke. James snapped these in the midst of the falling house and then right before we were almost "arrested".

They made me a flower necklace. How sweet. :) I will always remember my sessions with these two. Great times. Makes me think so much of me and my best friend. We have so many pictures together growing up. I can totally relate why they would do this together. Awesome memories. Now as a goodbye and farewell to my girls - my favorite shot of the day. So them. Thank you girls for being so fabulous. Enjoy your summer and keep it together even though you won't be going to the same school. Trust me... I know all about long distance friendships. It is so worth it!


  1. you make me laugh. Every time i read the words between pictures, i giggle. "way to waste my precious milky sunlight...." hahhahaha!

  2. Love that last shot!!!!!

  3. Kaylynn I so remembered you during this session. It was actually by where our secret bridge was... you know the kind of strange people that would of been passing by checking out what I was up to. We would of had fun though. :) I am going to over to your blog because its been days since I last check and I am sure there is pure goodness...

  4. Abby these are great! You look like so much fun to work with.