Monday, May 10, 2010

candy apple red

Meet Morgan & my uber-fabulous senior session. We had the coolest/biggest prop I have ever used on a shoot before. Her daddy's vintage candy-apple-red mustang convertible. YUMMY. I am a definite sucker for color, and this baby just made my day. Everything seem to fall into place. Morgan and her mom were lots of fun and totally open minded to walking and riding around downtown with me. Here is a couple of my favorite shots of the day.
I am usually a new car kinda girl, vintage mostly for groovy pictures, but to ride - give me a Vett or my fave, the Jaguar XKR. But for some reason, I could see myself driving one of these. Those of you who know me well, know that I drive basically laying down... its an MIA thing. Totally hip to have one of these riding down South Beach. Hmm I'm getting picture ideas. Morgan and her mom wanted some pictures to give to her daddy of the car itself... and of-course of Morgan modeling around it. We made a stand-out cluster that turned out soooo neat! [Morgan you need to take a picture of them up on the wall for me to see!]
I get so happy when my senior sessions aren't traditional. Anyone can find a cool wall or place to bring all the seniors they have to each time. My sessions aren't so much about where we go. It's more about who it is that I am taking pictures of. Their personality needs to shine. Things that matter to them and settings that represent what they like. Alright, bringing daddy's car is a total bonus, but still. ;) I never schedule where we are going to go. Only a meeting place. During my chat I dig deep asking questions of what is your weekly routine, weekend hang-out places, clothing style... then I mumble jumble it all into a concept for our session. Teenagers change their mind so often anyways that what they like today they may not tomorrow. So if we have a senior session planned... think of things you like. Colors. Outfits. And let me take care of the rest. Relax and its all about having a fun model shoot day. I am your official paparazzi. Enjoy it. For being a Monday, I am feeling quite sunny. Best way to start off the week.

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