Friday, May 14, 2010

Let's Wed | Alana & Justin

April 17th, 2010. The day that was long awaited for Alana & Justin was finally here. That day that we had talked about many times over coffee... stuff about flowers, food, venue, cake ideas... were all coming together. So off I was to Reserve, LA to meet up with the bride as she got ready for the ceremony. There I also the joyful bridesmaid bunch. Everyone was all dandy and not really nervous, or so it seemed to me. I actually think the boys were more jittery this time.
Ceremony location: St. Peter's Catholic Church - Reserve, LA.
There are so many little moments during the ceremony that become private jokes for the couple. Like: What were we laughing about? I love you's. What did he just say? When is this going to be over? We have to do what now? I am getting hungry. You look beautiful. Do I have to look at the camera?... For Justin, it just looked wanted to take Alana away. Like run out the church with a peace-out sign. I loved the looks they swung each other's way. To know & love each other so much and only communicate strictly with your eyes... those at times are the best words ever spoken. Oh yeah Alana, give him the killer look. ;)
After the ceremony we all headed back to Baton Rouge for the reception. It was taking place in Alana's Uncle Bill's barn. Not just any ol' barn. The day before I scoped out the location and was smitten. Perfect perfect perfect. I then was able to visualize everything that we had talked about and was ready for tomorrow to come. Alana being the creative gal she is, decorated most of the place herself with the help of all the family that labored till late hours Friday night. With the help of Tiger Canopy Rentals and Cajun Catering among others, the party was to be a sure success.
I love first dances. Mainly because I love music and dancing period. Justin and Alana were just cutting loose and having fun. But this father-daughter dance was cheerful and all new to me. [I am used to the slow-crying-sobbing-barelydancing number] They did a cajun waltz which I had never seen and was totally in to learning what was going on. Fun Fun. (And yes I do speak certain words in multiples. Weird, I know.)
They had a band... and I loved them. Rewind. Very interactive and just plain good. Definitely would recommend them for your next event. Oh and how could I forget... they had an Elvis too. Yeah you read right, an Elvis impersonator. Talk about a music-oriented party. I think that was one of Justin's surprises... along with the guitar that Alana got for him on this special day.
These folks sure know how to party. I was so jealous. Well not really, because I was loving what I was doing, but the dancing sure looked like a blast. Here are some of my favorite party pics.
Thank you so much for inviting and allowing me to capture all the special moments of your day. It was such a pleasure to meet all your wonderful family that is so close-knit. I wish you both the best of love and happiness in your life together.


  1. ABBYYYY!! they are GORGEOUSSS ... cant WAIT till its my turn with you :) miss you so much!

  2. thanks love!!! miss you too!