Wednesday, May 5, 2010

shoe fetish sister

Hot pink pumps. Simply hot & sexy. This senior shares one of my greatest obsessions. Shoes. When we met up for our planning meet we discussed make-up, outfits, accessories and when it came to the shoe topic - she told me not to worry. When she brought out her stuff the day of the shoot I was like... um yeah... totally looks like we should be closet buddies. Too bad we aren't the same shoe size. Meet Virginia. I am sure she has heard it before, Train's song - 'Meet Virginia' - only part that reminds me of her is the line where it says "...wears high heels when she exercises - Ain't that beautiful - Meet Virginia". Haha I can probably think of a song to associate with everything. These are my favorites from our session together. Enjoy!
So back to the shoe thing... don't these rock? Virginia is just such an awesome model. Totally open to anything and she's just got 'it'. I loved working with her. Her confidence and ability to make friends so easily with me was admirable. I always treat my senior sessions as a hang-out date. She definitely kept me having fun the whole time I was shooting. Virginia, you are so beautiful. I know that boyfriend of yours totally agrees. Thanks for totally bringing it to the shoot!
Dear Blog,
This is your faithful owner. Sorry to slack again. Promise to catch up. At least I am giving you a pretty lady today to show off. Things are more insane then ever. Busy is good. Looking forward to this weekend and the pictures I will be taking. Those will later appear here. Thanks for sticking around. Please thank my readers too for checking on me. I will be back soon!
Love - Abby

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