Monday, May 24, 2010

SR session preview

Laura reminds me so much of a young Katharine McPhee. When I first started shooting her session I couldn't assimilate who it was that I was thinking of. Until it hit me. And then I kept thinking of the song, Terrified. Pretty much had that song stuck in my head all day, thanks to Laura. " You set it again - my heart's in motion. Every word feels like a shooting star - I'm at the edge of my emotions. Watching the shadows burning in the dark. And I'm in love - and I'm terrified - for the first time - and the last time - in my only life." (Once it's stuck in my head, I can go on and on with it for days.) Our session was easy, relaxed, and simple. These are my favorites of our day together.
Mondays are make it or break it for me. Usually depends on the past weekend and how I can easily recover. This weekend was... wow. Yeah, nuts. So I am hoping that today gets me back on track. Some good lunch outta fix me up. Hmm I am really craving some Lario's right now... but hey, it's only mid-morning to be so picky.

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