Friday, June 4, 2010

laundry room talk

Isn't that the cutest little pup you have ever seen? Alright I may be completely biased, but still. He amazes me everyday with how smart and dedicated he is. Defends me no matter how big or small the "predator" may be. He has become quite feisty lately... doesn't let anyone get near me. I should be wearing an "Approach with CAUTION" sign. Hard to believe after looking at that sweet face, huh? Yesterday I grabbed my camera and went around the house snapping pictures of him and my kiddies. Welcome to another segment of random "home" pictures. Coco falls asleep with his head up... and I think its so cute!
The boys love him. Especially Sam. That's Samuel's buddy after school. Chose this picture because look at Coco. Seriously, he poses for the camera. Yesterday we were skating (yeah, I have skates and LOVE it) and Coco ran out of the house... I almost had a heart attack. He has this thing that he thinks he can run after cars and chase them away. Scares me to death. Samuel and I darted after him trying to get his attention... nope, not until he was ready. We stopped cars, blocking him from going in the other street, and finally he followed us home. Urgh, I hate it when that happens. My heart stays in the top of my throat. Little Coco is so daring. We have to be extremely careful of letting him out.
The real reason for this post is so I can talk about this young lady. She rocks my world. If you are new to the blog, this is Jael, my teenage cousin. Little me. Actually... she makes me look small. At a slamming 5'9 at only fourteen, I am a midget. But when it comes to our personality, likes, gestures, style... EVERYTHING else - I don't think we could possibly be more alike. The funny thing is that we lived apart for almost 4 years and only talked on the phone and saw each other 4 times a year max. So you would think that there isn't enough time to match up. Haha boy was I surprised. Generations apart and still... it's in the genes - it's weird. And not only for me, others say so as well. Now it's my guilty pleasure. Knowing that I know what she is thinking and how she is going to react to things... because inevitably I've done the same at her age... let's just say it's very convenient. I always tell my uncle... she is going to be the reason you loose the little hair you have left. O. M. G. She going to be such a handful....
These are part of our laundry room chat sessions. I tell her, "Jael you are so dramatic" and she says "So are you". Now here is proof... proof that what I'm saying is not all joke. All taken yesterday within the time frame of 2 minutes or so. [ can't remember what we particularly talking about ]
We laugh the same. Which means we snort, gasp like idiots, scrunch our noses, squint our eyes, slap our legs or people around us, clap and bend over. We talk the same. Tear up the Spanish language on purpose. For example... adding '-tion' to words that aren't spelled that way. Such as: calmation - tranquilization - camination - engordation - flaquetion - ect. Have our own phrases, nicknames, quotes, looks, and lip gestures for certain things. Can't talk? No problem, our eyes can hold conversations and you wouldn't even know it. We HEART Taco Bell. We go on dates. Starbucks dates that is. We have songs. Songs that were meant just for us... or we pretend they were. I could pretty much go on and on about things we have in common. So instead of giving you 200 random facts, I am going to share with you a little message I have for her.
Baby J,
I love you so much. You have brightened my days when I was caught up in total darkness because of all the stress that I was holding on to. You may think that when you come to me to tell me all about your daily crisis, you are the one getting the better end of the stick. But the truth is that I feel so fortunate that you chose me. Me, to come to and pour your delicate heart and complicated mind. It's crazy to see you talking about certain things, because to me, yesterday you were still in diapers and I was peeling grapes for you to eat. My beautiful tuti that I would come sleep on the floor of your room once a week just to be there when you woke up. The little thing that would get me in trouble all the time with your grumpy Daddy. And now... now I'm the one trying to keep you from trouble. When did that happen? When did you become such a little lady? I thought I was going to miss out on watching you grow. Was only going to hear about all the crushes and heart-breaks without knowing who the guy was. But not anymore. I can't really put into words how happy that makes me feel. Thank you for being you, and having all those crazy spasms that remind me that I am getting old. Thank you for making me feel dumb because I am not texting the right way and thank you for looking up to me. I feel that I let you down so many times and you see past that and everything that may come my way. You love me for me and for who we are together. What more can I possibly ask for? I am sorry if I am embarrassing you in the above pictures... I really couldn't resist. I am so proud of you and always will be. [bunny kisses]
me (the little barracuda)


  1. lol i have laughed so much with these pictures !! I am so glad you put them on the blog :) yes world me and abby are definitely alike in many MANY ways . From our very long-lasting laugh to the hand gestures to the manipulating people and not "settling" with anything ;) i love our little laundry room chats and our crisis conversations lol i love how we can always be on the same page with everything when it comes to pictures clothes and guys ;) lol you've never let me down you've made me see you as a good example lol i also LLLOOVVEEE it when people say that we are so much alike and how you are jealous of my wonderful bronzed tan yay :)i love how you make fun of my obsessive eating habit and how are favorite things to do is : go to the beach roller skate go shopping go tanning take pictures go to star-bucks and gossip of course about fettuccine yakama and of course the nuns lol love you now and always your fettuccine your tuti <3

  2. JJ-
    most people wouldn't understand what you just said. most people would freak out with the manipulating part and the not settling. most people would say that I am a horrible example. but since we are on the same channel/same page - I get you. I get your lovely choice of words because it's entirely based on inside jokes. Jokes that your mother says we laugh at because - las dos son unas guanajas. thanks for ditching me tonight because of your lovely friends that guard my mother's house, mr. & mrs. Ivory toads. I will get you back for it soon enough. kissy kissy.

  3. ohh here is my other gurl !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love u 2 sooo much my silly little gurl lol cant believe ur sooooo big already and i cant wait to see u even though i saw u like not even a week ago cnt wait 4 u 2 come 2 my sleepover lol :)

    much love, ur BFF

  4. Revisiting this post today. Still makes me smile. Oh how I love my bunny kiss. ><

  5. This is probably the 15th time ive revisited this blog sense august 9th . It has deffinetely putten a smile on my face .Black tables accompanied me while reading it :) . Someone needs a HUGE hug and bonny kiss while listening to kiss me thru the phone in a hot laundry room accompanied by starbucks and a spoiled coconut :D Pretty soon perhaps too much gossip for one gal !!

  6. I have a date coming up soon: Starbucks with Prince Charming - location: Laundry room - Details: listening to kiss me thru the phone & black tables while receiving hugs and bonny kisses from my favorite gossip gal. Perfect. ;^****** Love YOU sweetheart.

  7. AnonymousJuly 03, 2011

    Wow. Can't believe it's been this long. The message rings as true as back then though. Never forget it. Time for change. Big change. Bout time huh?!? !!! & that means we need a new song: Coming Home by Diddy. ;) ><