Friday, June 11, 2010

miss Barbie SR session

Dana was my Barbie look-alike this senior season. Tall, slim and with long blonde hair = Miss. Barbie. We had such an easy going senior shoot. The sun was beaming and the wind blowing, a perfect spring day. She had told me she wanted colors. I was a bit pessimistic thinking it would be hard to find the colors we had talked about. But we did. We found what she wanted. Yay.
I never like going to the same place over and over to shoot. I get tired quite easily of the same repetitive thing all the time. So if I must repeat, then I treat it as a challenge to find a different angle or do something I haven't tried before. For instance, this place. I try to go there only in a bright color search or if I happen to come across someone that I know "fits" the style. Because at times too much of a good thing can be bad. That's the reason I never plan out senior sessions' locations. I go with the flow of what we have talked about, outfits that they have brought along and the likes/interests of my seniors. This day I was pleasantly surprised with the levy/dock. I was feeling it... and she loved it.
Love the attitude on the above right picture. GORGEOUS! Once she switched outfits to the minis - it was like bam! Work it girl!
Thanks Dana for such a great afternoon. You were such a pleasure to work with. I'm going to miss my 2010 seniors... school is out and we are now expecting the 2011 class to come right around the corner. I wonder what many surprises they will bring. Jael starts high school and Sam starts middle school in a couple of months... uh-oh. Soon after they will be seniors. Time flies. I'm looking forward to the weekend. It should be a nice one - go out and enjoy!

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