Thursday, July 1, 2010

pink pouty lips | Baton Rouge Baby Photographer

I finally got around posting this little cutie's session. She was so easy to work with - slept almost the whole thing through. She has the sweetest pouty pink lips, and even makes bubbles while she sleeps. I was able to use one of my newest tiny hat creations during our session. That mustard-burnt-yellow one in the picture above, my new favorite. Enjoy looking at this teeny-weeny precious baby girl's newborn session preview.
I miss the smell of newborn babies. Right now I can close my eyes and pretend that I am holding one and it brings a smile to my face. Such a delicate and unforgettable scent. I am so excited for my upcoming birth session - because this time around, it's for family. Kinda freaked out that I will actually know everyone and that I will be just as emotionally involved as the rest of crew. CAN'T WAIT! I am off to bed... drank too much coffee tonight. And seriously, I don't think I will be catching any ZzZ's soon. Worth the try. Goodnight my fellow readers!

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