Saturday, July 31, 2010

here and there

Today's post is brought to you meanwhile watching one of my latest favorite movies: 27 dresses. I don't know if it works the same with other photographers but I find that movies, songs and books inspire me. Especially flicks like this one. Here is one of my top-pick quotes from the film: (setting- Jane is raving about the love of her life/boss, George, to her younger sister Tess, who just came back from a first-date with him) "He has flaws. He hates cashews... that's just weird. And sometimes he doesn't wear socks with sneakers. I just think that's gross." My friends always have something to say about my 'randomness'. I would of probably come up with an erratic thing to say too. So today's post is going to be just that... absolutely random.
Coco isn't a rare subject on the blog, actually he appears on here quite frequently, but I believe that if we start talking about my precious little monster things will shape up nicely. I have recently discovered that Coco has a fondness of sitting in my chair versus any other chair in the room. Always. Call me crazy, but this dog is obsessed. Another new found interest is that of music. It's been 3 times that I have caught him on top of my desk with his tiny furry little paw on my keyboard. No music on before - music on now - all thanks to him. I have influenced him in the most positive way, don't you think?
The above picture depicts my hairy beast perfectly. He reminds me of the Hulk, actually they both do. If you provoke him just a tiny bit... his fury unleashes and attacks the nearest subject. Of course with an 'animal trainer' like Alfred, those kind of unusual mood swings are common among wild canines. Samuel was playing with my camera while my friends, Gigi & Alfred, stopped by one day and he took this picture. That's me in the pink shirt, being guarded by prince charming. It amuses me how tough he can be with others when it comes to protecting me. No one is allowed near a radius of five feet with out getting 'the look' followed by 'the scrunched nose smile'. Only exception so far is Jael. (BTW - in the very top picture where she is holding him... she is actually pretending to bite his head... another odd fact.) Jael and I are so alike and maybe that's what he sees in her... we talk to him the same way and he feels the love. That's the way into his heart - show him some lovin' and he will eternally be yours.
This next one gets me excited. We all know how much of a Starbucks addict I am. I'll shamelessly admit it's true. They have this promotion going on that if you purchase a beverage before 2pm you receive a TREAT RECEIPT. In other words, you bring in your receipt after 2pm and you can get a grande cold drink for two bucks. My mother says it's just an attractive way to fool consumers into consuming more and more addicting caffeine. Call it what you may but it brightens my day. It's my liquid courage to carry on throughout the morning with an upbeat attitude and just knowing that I can get a double dose for almost the price of one delights me. It's more than likely I never get the chance to go back for a second round, not because I don't want to, but because I realize all I have consumed is merely coffee. So, turns out I will opt for my next favorite location instead for actual food. (think outside the bun) I promise you that I have never received the same friendly greeting as what the baristas in green aprons give me. Another reason I like 'visiting' so much. Find any excuse in the book to go to Starbucks and I will join you.
Lastly, there's a new show on abc that has got me hooked. Rookie Blue. I never watch tv live, tivo or online usually is my preference, but if you are interested it plays Thursday nights. I watch the episodes on my lunch breaks and it makes quite an entertaining 40 minutes. It reminds me of my aunt Ismary and the kind of shows that she likes to watch. Just in a much cooler, less reality-based dramatic way. It's fairly recent to predict but I hope it sticks around. At least until the new season of Grey's starts. Can't wait. Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Friday, July 30, 2010

Aimee's Birth Session Part 3

Patrick found the easiest way into every one's heart. His family was ready to welcome him with joyous open arms. This is his first official meet/greet with the folks. Enjoy. :)
Aimee and John David wanted Davis to be the first to see baby Patrick. I had seen a similar experience here. I highly recommend if you have any other children, let them in to meet the baby first. Kids need more time to take everything in and not become overwhelmed by the rest of the adults showering over the baby. It's so much more intimate and special that way. I love the look on Davis' face... so happy.
It's time for the whole gang to join in... another big awesome group. I loved all their connections. Can you tell how excited they were to meet baby Patrick?
Aimee, thank you so much for allowing me to be part of such a remarkable day for your family. With every birth session I do I realize how this is truly my favorite part of my job. And its because of families like yours that I love it so much. Wish you all the best. I will remember you always. xoxo :)

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Aimee's Birth Session Part 2

You know that feeling you get when something you have been longing for is about to happen and you can't believe it, so you seem to talk yourself through it... "Oh my goodness... OMG.. Eeek.. 1, 2, 2.5.... THREE!". That was the feeling in the room. The look on John David's face as he saw the tip of his head - the shoulders - his tiny little body - his son, Patrick - is one that I will never forget. The look in his eyes said "He's here!!! Finally" loud and clear.
This moment lasts nothing more than an instant. Aimee seeing Patrick for the first time made my heart swell and tear up. Knowing that unlike natural birth moms she wouldn't get to hold him right away made me understand another reason why natural is always preferred. That immediate closeness is so desirable. My main objective in birth photography is to capture shots like the ones in this post. It's my favorite 5 minutes of the whole 10 hours or more that I may be with a couple in the hospital. When I get home and start loading them on the computer I cry all over again. Every. Time.
Look at that little munchkin. How itty-bitty... he is actually the smallest newborn I have ever seen, right about 6 pounds.
Remember I was talking about how much I loved Aimee's eyes because of how expressive they are... that above picture speaks a thousand words. Not only is she the most beautiful woman I have ever seen wearing nose tubes and a shower cap looking thing, but the rest of her face is blocked off and she still manages to wow me. It's my favorite picture of their whole birth session. All the troubles that she went through her pregnancy, the worries, trips to the doctor, the hoping and praying for a healthy baby, the waiting... was all worth it. When I look that picture I can feel the love. And it makes me smile. :)
This is really one of my favorite sessions.. I really want to show more and more. And I will. Come back tomorrow to see the rest of Patrick's birth story. :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Aimee's Birth Session Part 1

Today is my self-proclaimed day to blog something personal, but another birth session just seems right. After all, talking about them makes me happy no matter what day of the week it is. This one no doubt is another favorite. I met Aimee in the waiting room of the hospital while I was shooting my first ever birth session for Kenneth & Sarah. Talk about coinkidink. She was kinda close to being due, but still had a ways to go. We talked about how we were both participating in the upcoming Baby Grand event and how it was our first time attending. Little did I know that we would meet again, and in a much more amazing way. Same people, same place, different date/time... this meet was for baby Patrick's first official photo shoot.
This is such a good-looking family. Seriously. You may noticed that Aimee looks very calm and collected, not like she is having any kind of labor pains. Well that's because she had a scheduled c-section. My first to ever attended and I was SO so nervous. But after getting the complete run through on how everything works from Angela, almost a minute by minute game play, I felt that I knew exactly where I had to stand and what to do. Then it was only a matter of minutes before the nerves turned into excitement and an energetic buzz.
Aimee makes the blue scrunchy cap look like an accessory. Flawless. As I was standing there, trying to be not in any one's way, I took in everything. "So this is what a real OR looks like... not at all what I imagined." Lighting was GREAT, and for a moment I thought I rather be in c-sections than natural child birth any day.
Thumbs up means we are ready to roll. The anesthesiologist would probably be my best friend in my case. It felt so advantageous to "see" everything, because now no one can trick me into saying the needle was HUGE. It's big but I, having no medically-based knowledge, pictured it a foot long or something along those lines. Aimee didn't make it look scary either. So if it was, Aimee - thanks for not freaking me out beforehand, and for smiling during the whole process. :)
She has got one of the most expressive eyes I have ever seen. They photograph BEAUTIFUL. (so jealous) Wait till you see the next post where she sees Patrick... one of my all-time favorite picture is coming up. John David was let in the room and you can so tell how happy she felt to have him by her side.
Doctors are ready. Everything is prepped. Time to meet Patrick. Eeeek! Stay tuned to see more of this family's birth session story.