Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Aimee's Birth Session Part 2

You know that feeling you get when something you have been longing for is about to happen and you can't believe it, so you seem to talk yourself through it... "Oh my goodness... OMG.. Eeek.. 1, 2, 2.5.... THREE!". That was the feeling in the room. The look on John David's face as he saw the tip of his head - the shoulders - his tiny little body - his son, Patrick - is one that I will never forget. The look in his eyes said "He's here!!! Finally" loud and clear.
This moment lasts nothing more than an instant. Aimee seeing Patrick for the first time made my heart swell and tear up. Knowing that unlike natural birth moms she wouldn't get to hold him right away made me understand another reason why natural is always preferred. That immediate closeness is so desirable. My main objective in birth photography is to capture shots like the ones in this post. It's my favorite 5 minutes of the whole 10 hours or more that I may be with a couple in the hospital. When I get home and start loading them on the computer I cry all over again. Every. Time.
Look at that little munchkin. How itty-bitty... he is actually the smallest newborn I have ever seen, right about 6 pounds.
Remember I was talking about how much I loved Aimee's eyes because of how expressive they are... that above picture speaks a thousand words. Not only is she the most beautiful woman I have ever seen wearing nose tubes and a shower cap looking thing, but the rest of her face is blocked off and she still manages to wow me. It's my favorite picture of their whole birth session. All the troubles that she went through her pregnancy, the worries, trips to the doctor, the hoping and praying for a healthy baby, the waiting... was all worth it. When I look that picture I can feel the love. And it makes me smile. :)
This is really one of my favorite sessions.. I really want to show more and more. And I will. Come back tomorrow to see the rest of Patrick's birth story. :)

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