Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lindsay Birth Session Part 1

I can easily recall the emotions of every family's birth session that I have done thus far. Whether it was that the mom was in pain, the dad was extremely nervous, the grandparents were anxious to meet the newest member of the family, if labor process was long, the time of day I was called out to rush to the hospital... all these details can rather quickly come to mind because I have an excellent power to remember the small things. For Lindsay, remembering the small things was equally as important. She was writing a blog of her pregnancy period and of the most anticipated day during the whole nine months, the day that baby Carter arrives. This particular birth session is special. Those of you readers that live in Baton Rouge may recognize this wonderful couple. Lindsay & Trey have appeared on billboards and local commercials as participants for Woman's Hospital's new campaign. When I was contacted to possibly work with them I was so thrilled. Possibly? Yes, possibly. James and I had a highly-anticipated vacation planned for the same time that Lindsay was due. Still, I had a feeling I would be back to witness Carter's birth. Or at least I really really really hoped so.
Lindsay had heard about my work from a friend who's birth I had photographed and loved the idea of her baby's birth being captured as well. When she was given the option of choosing an inducement day she pushed it further until the day after I returned from vacation. I have no idea what it feels like to be pregnant and ready for my baby to come out, but waiting longer, especially when it's already time is a big no-no. I am oh so glad she did, made me feel so special. Upon meeting Lindsay & Trey at the hospital I was immediately comfortable with them and their family. They were expecting their first baby and were so excited that I couldn't help but feel the same way for them.
Details were important. Lindsay had her notepad ready to jot down all that came to mind that would help those expecting mothers that read her blog know exactly what they can expect. She reminded me of myself a lot, I would probably be doing the very same thing. Big props to Lindsay for keeping it together under those circumstances.
This was undoubtedly a happy day. Lindsay couldn't stop smiling. I don't know if it was altogether happiness or nerves played a big part, but it was obvious that she could not wait to meet her little baby boy.
Who says that because you are in labor you can't look your best? Most of my birth session moms all get fixed up for their labor and delivery. I know they figure that they are being photographed but its more than that, they want to make sure they look fabulous while performing one of life's most naturally challenging and rewarding experience.
I love their connection. They were both as equally delighted about expecting their first child. Trey was supportive and loving, a bit scared but that's absolutely normal. I haven't had a dad faint yet... I've heard of the many cases that it can happen and I'm curious as to what it would be like. Weird, I know. One day.
It's time to meet baby Carter so stay tuned to see more of Lindsay's amazing birth experience. As for me, I am back from my summer vacation. Everything will return to normal schedule Monday. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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