Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lindsay Birth Session Part 2

Anticipation. It can make us really giddy when it's something so wonderful that we are expecting. The happiness that overcomes your senses from having your first child in your arms is something I can only try to imagine. For Trey and Lindsay it was evident to all in the room exactly what they were feeling. As I mentioned before, this was a happy day. Lindsay's OB-GYN, Dr. Ashley Willett, was just the perfect addition to the "happy team" that came together to deliver baby Carter.
The above picture is one of my birth session favorites. Actually its hanging in my office. Love love love. It was such a sweet moment. Welcome to the world baby Carter.
I know this next one is Lindsay's personal favorite. One of mine too. My goal when I shoot birth sessions is to capture the emotions and feelings that are all involved with the birth of child. That warm feeling that comes from 'both' parents and all the family that is there to witness such a special day is what makes me love my job. So when a year goes by and they look back at the pictures of when baby Carter was born they say, "Wow, look how tiny Carter was!". And when its been 7 years and Carter is driving Lindsay crazy because typically that's the age that kids go bananas, she will say, "How I wish Carter could be this little again. Look how innocent you looked right when you were born". This day will forever be remembered because they have these memories captured. How awesome is that?
Up next, baby Carter meets the rest of the family. Check back to see the final part of Lindsay's birth session story. It's about time I get up from the hammock... jammin' to Kings Of Leon and blogging is a pretty great way to end my weekend. Tomorrow is a big day.


  1. i'm sitting here pouting because i can't seem to get any work done and there weren't any blog updates to read. Then yours came! Thank you.

  2. I know exactly what you mean. YOUR WELCOME

  3. Thank you for capturing every detail and emotion on Carter's big day...I find myself speechless and in awe of every moment in every picture!