Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lindsay Birth Session Part 3

Carter's first hour of life was rather busy. Being a newborn is no easy job. First impressions are quite the deal breaker. You know, meeting your parents, grandparents and uncles.... but when you are as cute as he, there is no messing it up. It's actually a piece of cake. Take a look at every one's first look of the new member of the family.
It seem to us that Carter wasn't too keen about getting bathed. Mommy & Daddy were there to make sure he turned out squeaky clean. Once that was over he was actually happy. Posing for mom, dad and me, as if he were saying, "Don't I look precious guys? Just please don't put me through that again. Please".
Carter was giving me a tongue-out-wink. Those are very rare. How many times have you gotten one of those? And from a newborn no less? I know don't know if that is a good thing or if I should take it as an insult... but I considered it extraordinary. That was his way of showing me how cool he is. :) When I left the hospital from this session I had the such a happy glow. Even though I was extremely tired, SUPER duper zonked, the sense of satisfaction of accomplishing something special overpowered the pooped feeling. I felt so fortunate to of met a wonderful family that values each other and can openly express their love for one another. I am so happy for both of you. Carter is such a beautiful healthy baby. I can't wait to see you all again, I enjoyed our many visits together so much. I will be loading his newborn session soon, so keep a look-out!


  1. You need a 'like' button like brandon so I can tell you how much I love every single post without having to come up with words to describe it. I wish I could web-a-tise facial expressions.

  2. I wish I was as computer savvy as Brandon. Maybe if he reads this he can teach me me how. But since I am still in the stone age it seems like, I will just say thank you so much. ;)

  3. Each and every day I see our birth photos, all the emotions come back to me, a rush of sheer happiness, and I love that not only do I have memories to hold onto, but pictures to last for a lifetime. You captured our special day so perfectly! I've made a photo birth album book to share on Carter's birthday and I hope you can come see it one day soon :) All of his birth and newborn are scattered throughout our house. I'll send you pictures of everything!

  4. In November when I come to visit, I will definitely stop by to see it. Thank you so much Lindsay!