Monday, August 9, 2010

birth bordered with hot-pink

I am in a writing rut today. But I am trying to force the habit of at least starting the week by blogging. So this morning I pondered around for ideas of what I can possibly talk about since I have said that I would dedicate Mondays to personal posts. I thought maybe writing of the lovely card I got in the mail from my best friend. How much it meant to me to see her handwriting and ??? as to make me laugh. But I talked about Rex recently on the blog. I also thought of writing about another special person that happens to be visiting this week. How much I have missed seeing my cousin... but yeah not going to get into the Roly subject because it makes me sad. I made potato soup last night, one of my favorite things to cook, and I had left overs for lunch today. I have enough to feed a hungry 7 year old over and over. It's been raining a lot and this gloomy weather always makes me want to go outside and play. It just stinks that it isn't perfect beach weather... well now, is it? Rain never stopped me from anything. Shoots & weddings... yeah it may of cancelled some my shoots. That's the only time I wish it would go away. I gave up and flipped through channels on tv and landed on re-runs of Grey's Anatomy. And finally I came around something I had been meaning to post. The last time I went by Woman's Hospital I brought my camera to snap a couple of shots of the pictures that they have put up of the birth sessions I have done for them. These are all in one of their conference rooms, the others were occupied at the time (so I didn't get to see), from Kelly's, Candice's & Aimee's shoots... sooo sweet!
It made me so happy to see them up. The hot pink walls in there... are so AWESOME. Love that color. It reminds me of myself a couple of days ago, I was hideously sunburned. It's better now, I just look like I am transforming colors. Aloe vera works wonders guys. I would drench my skin with a heavy layer and just rest until it was all absorbed and repeat the process all over again. It helped tremendously. I will leave you on this stormy Monday with a preview of what is to come. This little one is too much. I can't wait to share their pictures with you!


  1. That little kid is adorable! Congrats on the pictures with Womans!

  2. oh my gosh the photos look so good!!!! black and whites framed with hot pink. Wow. I feel like a blog stalker when it comes to you, because it seems like i just comment on everything! But.. it only means that each post makes me excited;)

  3. I am so glad you were able to get a picture of these. It's so much easier to picture them now. They look great! Nice work Abby!