Thursday, August 26, 2010

Birth Session Preview | Alex & Shaleen | Part 1

"It's 2:56 am and I am trying to get some shut-eye when all of the sudden my phone starts vibrating. Alex is calling, it's time - he is a cool as a cat & I hear Shaleen in the background, very calm as well. This one is going to be special and I am so excited. Thank goodness that I didn't actually fall asleep early tonight, or take a pill to make me go to sleep. I've had to fight the drugged feeling before and it was AWFUL. It's my first time going to Baptist Health Hospital and at 3:30 am nonetheless, so I don't want to get lost. But there is no traffic and I make it there actually before they do. I'm trying to not feel overwhelmed, so far so good. She just finished triage and guess what? Already 6 centimeters! It's going to be a wonderful night." That my friends, was live blogging from Baptist Hospital as I sat in the waiting room while Alex and Shaleen were in triage. Turns out to be the only live blogging of the night since it was such a quick delivery. Shaleene has had no meds (total rock star). I was almost in shock that she was even in labor because she appeared to be in total control and very collected. Don't get me wrong, she had her pain spurts where she would breathe heavily and shift her weight from side to side. But if that's what labor looks like, it seems to be easy. Shaleen is a pro.
Why do I consider this one special, versus every other that I've always said the same of? Alex & Shaleen were my wedding photographers, Candidly Elegant Photography, and they simply rock. I was quite nervous to shoot another photographer's birth experience, and especially more so it being for someone I knew. They did such an amazing job for us that I could only wish to give them something similar in return. Trust me, the pressure was on. I realized that although I have talked about my wedding on here before, I never have posted any pictures. What a better time to do so? Almost four years ago now... these are some of my favorites. [BTW: Our reception was at the Flamingo Pavilion inside Hialeah Park and Race Course.]
Yes, that's me with blonde hair. Such a drastic change that it's hard to picture myself that way anymore. I am definitely sticking with the natural dark color for now. I've worn my dress a second time (click here to see pictures). James and I had such a perfect day. We loved having Alex & Shaleen around. It seems that now we have gone in a full circle, and it was my turn to photograph them in my favorite thing. They intimidated me though... so not fair. How did I do under pressure? Check back tomorrow to see more of their birth session story. :)


  1. James ToddAugust 26, 2010

    Alex u 2 did such a great job w/ our pix. That was certainly such an awesome day for us. Thanks babe for putting these on here. Forgot how much fun that was for us both. Wouldn't have changed a single thing that day

  2. I had a blast that day, even though it seemed like I was choking back tears the whole time. I promised not to cry, and yup totally failed when it came to the goodbyes. Especially when I was saying bye to Machuchi & Rex... I realized I really couldn't go any further with like Dad and the kids. So we left early to avoid the drama. Oh how time flies...............