Saturday, August 28, 2010

Birth Session Preview | Alex & Shaleen | Part 3

Baby Grace was ready to meet the world. She almost didn't wait for her grandmother to make it to the hospital. Literally. To know more about this family you can head over to either one of their blogs. Shaleen keeps a personal blog (click here) and Alex has his photography business blog where he posts his latest work (click here). Shaleen was so sweet to mention me in her latest post about Grace's delivery. How sweet! The truth is that I feel very honored to be part of this with you guys and just so so happy to give you something that I know you will treasure for many many years. I know that when I received my wedding pictures I was so excited and loved all the moments that you captured. Moments that I myself didn't get to see. When I look back at all the pictures I relive them and become filled with emotions inside. That's what I wanted to give you. I feel that I succeeded. These pictures of baby Grace make me relive those moments in the hospital room with you. And I want to thank you both so much again for letting me share it with your family.
Alright, I will go on with showing you all the rest of my favorites... Gracie meets her parents and grandparents too (one side). The rest of the family was coming later once they all woke up...
Daddy is in awe with his little girl. This type of bond is one that I am very familiar with. My daddy and I are super close. I already see that forming here... watch out Alex she is gonna be a looker!
I was having trouble picking a favorite with this session. The baby first coming out is usually my top pick, simply because it's the look on the parent's faces that I most enjoy seeing. But this next one has just got something so natural about it that has won me over. I love it. I love everything about it. ESPECIALLY those little feet.
This last one is another one I love. Shaleen - you are such a great mom. I can so tell even by just the way you look at your baby. Your strength during labor amazed me and has given me a totally new perspective on natural childbirth. I am so glad that I am back in Miami so that I can tag along with Alex on more shoots and see both Caleb and baby Grace grow. You guys are great!
Ahhhh and so ends another wonderful birth session story. Oh how I love those. If you live in South Florida and would like to know more about having birth session contact me through phone or email to get full details. I have recently relocated from Louisiana back to Miami and I am currently accepting bookings for all kinds of sessions. For my Louisiana peeps, you know I can't totally abandon you either! I travel periodically and would have an even better reason to visit if I had a mom wanting to do a birth session. We can always work something out. The weekend is here friends and it's time to unwind. I am hoping that the weather cooperates to go the beach maybe. There aren't many days left in summer... let's enjoy. :)


  1. Abby - thank you AGAIN for your work. I wasn't sure what it would be like to have you there - but I am SO UNSPEAKABLY glad we did it. These photos are priceless to me. I can't say how much I love seeing the looks on the faces of Alex and my mom during the whole process. I was 'there' but I don't see that stuff happening because I was focused on the birth. And seeing these first special moments between Alex and Grace is words.

    You rock!

  2. That is truly how I feel when I am in the room with you guys, with no words. I am in just in awe with the significance of the moment. Thank you so much for everything. :)