Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Curious George | Baton Rouge Children Photographer

I can proudly say that I was one of the first people to meet this little guy. Or shall I say big guy, because he is little no more. He was one of my birth session babies and now is signed up for the first year follow-up shoots. I love it when I get to see them grow. My itty-bitty models become chunky monkeys that turn into climbing crawlers in efforts to make me tired as I chase them. The growing process is natural. The progressive shoots allow me to get to know them. The outcome = photographer feels like family. These are my favorites of our 4 month session. Look how much he has grown in such a short period of time!
He was curious the whole time. Had to watch the big black thing that was following him around. He does this hanging lip thing that I LOVE. Of course that means that he would soon enough start drooling and then I love it even more when there's that thin string of saliva dangling. Haha not trying to be gross guys... just saying, in a baby, I think it's adorable.
That's the open mouth that I am talking about. Love it. What did we end up doing for this session? We chilled in Mason's room, he showed me his toys, we played and then he decided to talk to Mom & Dad. It's part of that REAL family time sessions that I love. At his age this is my favorite way to photograph babies, at home with Mom & Dad. They stay comfortable and in their element. Actually as long as both parents are in the shoot I am really content with wherever we go. I leave happy knowing that I have captured the connections that they have formed as a family. That's all I ask for.
Dear little Mason,
See you in a couple months bud! Eat lots so you can keep growing and pull some stunts next time. Can't wait to see the little man that you become. So handsome. Till then, be good for Mommy & Daddy.
the long-hair lady with the big black box


  1. Oh my goodness, that first picture is a winner. I hope they print it big:) ...and if they don't, you definitely should!

  2. I know he is just so cute!!