Monday, August 16, 2010

Eli's Birth Session Part 1

These shots were taken a couple of months ago of my lovely family/friends, Ish & Eli. You see it's kinda hard to really pinpoint how we are 'related'. And that's because it really doesn't matter, Eli is like my young aunt. We are super close and she doesn't go by Eli in my book. Machuchi or Machuchita are the proper nicknames for this awesome lady. When I received a call from her way back when she first found out, "Abby I think I am pregnant!!!", I was jumping up and down too. Days later my mom says, "I have big news, you aren't going to be expecting these" - "What Mom, Eli is pregnant?" - "How come you found out before me! You are all the way in Louisiana and you always figure things out before I do, and I live here!". That indeed was great news. During one of my visits I snapped just a couple of her and cute belly.
Our shoot location was my parents and my aunt's house (which happens to be Eli's sister, that's how we are related). We were rushing because it was such a cloudy day and the light was disappearing. I had the greatest helpers though. As you can tell, it was a pretty big joke to us all, to have a "photo shoot" for one of our own.
Being in Miami allowed me to participate in one of the most important of days for Eli. I photographed her birth session. I tried something new this time, live blogging... so in between all my waiting for contractions, I would write what was going on... this is Benjamin's birth story:
SUNDAY: (sometime around 11/12 pm) As we sit in the hallway, waiting to hear news, anxious and excited, sleep starts to overcome us all. But it can't. I must FIGHT. Fight to stay awake. This isn't any regular birth session, this is for family. This is my first Miami birth session. This is Machuchi's birth session. So, wake UP Abigail! She thinks she is in labor, but we don't know for sure. We must wait to see if this is the real deal or just pretend. Waiting like this sucks. You get all pumped, rush to get ready, drive faster than you normally would because 'the baby is going to come out', stare all the rest of the family, watch everyone's interpretation of baby nerves kick in, and wait.
And all that waiting turned into go home and walk, walk, walk. Today would of been a wonderful day to deliver. Tonight we wanted to meet Benjamin. Tonight/today nothing is happening. Sorry folks, false alarm. We should of known when she decided to get ready for her photo-shoot and request pizza, hotdogs and carrot cake.
The first trip to the hospital was just a test run. Nothing yet. We all thought she looked too happy to be in labor. So as the family friend photographer, I drove home with hopes that she wouldn't call in the middle of the night. She didn't... or at least not the same night... stay tuned for the real trip to the hospital for Benji's arrival.

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