Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Eli's Birth Session Part 2 | Miami Birth Photographer

We are back for the real deal. (I will continue with more live blogging from the shoot):
WEDNESDAY (three days later) (3:30am) - I am heavily sleeping because it hasn't been too long since I went to bed and totally knocked out. I got home super late from partying with my bestie at the Aventura concert. Which by the way was insanely entertaining and absolutely awesome. When all of the sudden I hear that annoying buzz that only seems to interrupt you when you are most content in your 5th dream, it's Damaris... 'are you kidding me?' Text message from Eli: 'Abby are you still at the concert, I think my water broke'. I laugh to myself with my eyes shut because I realize sleep is no longer in my future plans for today. I get dressed in a flash and wait for Jael to join me to drive to the hospital, again. We are in dire search for an open Starbucks. Yeah, at 4:00 am, because we are desperate. It's useless, everything is closed (of course it is). The hospital isn't close, so we jam to our favorite songs in efforts to make it alive. I have never been so tired for a shoot. Here it goes...
Eli is in pain, where is her epidural? Please help this woman! Finally she was settled in, epidural is in process and the 10 people in the room talk quietly among ourselves watching Ben do his final hours of squirming in Eli's belly. It is still too early to go get some liquid energy...
Finally 6:00 am rolls in and Jael & I escape to the nearest Starbucks. Thank goodness it was right around the corner. This normally wouldn't of happened in a regular birth session. I never leave the hospital for my clients, not until the baby is born and I'm ready to go home. You just never know when the baby will come. But in this case, I had 8 other family members in there... with lots of cameras. So I was in the clear to go visit the crowned mermaid. Yay! Yay for Jael too and their super purified water that we love so much.
Most photo sessions, I am not in any of the pictures. Unless there is a second shooter, I probably wouldn't even remember what I was wearing... not if it's family that you are working for. I get to be in the cheesy ' I wanna take a picture with Eli before she starts pushing' shot. :)
The emotions start to show... and if you know my girls, you might think they are just being dramatic. Not this time. These were all real tears of joy.
(9:25am) We hit the 10 mark. We you may ask? Do I consider myself pregnant and in-labor as well? Pretty much so today. I had talked about it with my clients before, what it would be like to actually photograph the birth of a family member. I knew that it would be 10x's more emotional and I would be that much more nervous. But actually, I am calm. Still cautious with the new procedures, after all this isn't what I am used to from Woman's Hospital, but so pumped and excited. The rooms here in Memorial West Hospital are nice and cozy. Huge compared to many others I have seen. They allow as many family members as you would like in the room with you to witness the birth of your baby. Big props for that. I am used to only being me and someone else. Having all the girls here is so CRAZY. How many? 10 plus Eli & Ish and Ben on the way. Yeah I wasn't kidding when I said crazy. Things are starting to happen and no more live-time blogging for me. It's time to meet baby Ben! (BTW - Ish is the one taking the group pics... whohoo Ish!)
Come back tomorrow to follow along Benjamin's birth story. Even if it's just to check which one of the many ladies in the room freaked out during the labor operation. Ahh you gotta love it when you have a first time momma and all the important women are present to help her through life's most natural process... the emotions are just... Priceless.

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  1. This was actually one of the best moments of my sister's life.

    I love you Eli with all my heart and thank Jehovah God you made it.

    Sincerely your,
    Best sister ever
    Damaris Off