Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Eli's Birth Session Part 3

The actual laboring in this process is now in session. If you are just now catching up on the blog, this is both classified as a birth and personal post. The mom in labor... is family. Watching how strong your friends are under intense circumstances changes the way that you view them forever. Being part of something so amazing together definitely earns you big brownie points. Every time Eli tells the story of the day that Ben was born she will mention all the people that were there anxiously waiting and cheering her on. I feel truly special to be among those people.
Their worried faces make it seem like something terrible is happening. Not at all. A baby is being born. That is simply one of the greatest things ever. So why all the scary faces? I really think it's because the emotional connection with the mom, the nervousness of everything turning out OK, the wanting to meet the baby, and the helplessness (I'm surprised that's even a word) of wanting to reach in there and help makes us all a little frightened. Happy faces will come soon...
We had a last minute sneak-in... and he cleverly disguised himself with my snuggie. You read right... my snuggie. I will tell you one thing about Snuggies... they are perfect companions in hospitals. I bring mine to all birth sessions in my bag... just incase it's a long and cold waiting period. Works like a charm... even if its not me wearing it.
The above picture perfectly depicts the scenario before the other nurses came in. I'm hiding somewhere there too (mirror). A lot of my future mommy clients ask me what it's like in the delivery room with me there... there is no correct answer. Every birth is different. It depends on the hospital's procedures, the doctor's preference, the size of the room, the amount of people and equipment in the room, the mood, the lighting... and mainly on you, the expecting mom. I know what would be ideal conditions. Where I should stand to get the image I want and what I would like the lighting to be... but all that is subject to change within seconds during labor. I had a great experience with all the staff here at Memorial West Hospital. They were great, and I am sure that Eli would agree too. Now, if you ask me what I think about having so many people in the room... (I think I would freak, I am too self-conscious to have all my family there). If you aren't hiring someone to take pictures than go right ahead and fill the room if the hospital allows you to and it's what you would like. But if you are hiring a photographer, and the rest of the family that is there has a camera and wants to snap and see... there is only so much that tiny me (or anyone else for that matter) can do to squish by. Not in this case of course, these are my friends and family - there was a total of 16 people in the room as she delivered- of which I know that Eli was going to be happy with anything and everything that we all gave her. During my time with you in the delivery room I am quiet, I make sure not to be in any of the nurses' way and just snap in silence. I will not fight grandma to get a shot or interrupt a moment to have you do it again. This isn't a portrait session where I am directing the posing. You are there to have your baby and I am there to document the wonderful process. How ever you choose your delivery experience to be, I am there for you. I will make the best out of every situation to provide you with pictures that tell the story. Your story, the birth of your baby. I find that doing so brings me so much happiness. The kind of joy that makes me all warm inside and puts a big smile on my face. :)
I know I am leaving you with such a cliffhanger, Ben's first official picture. Next post you will definitely get to meet Benjamin... and so will the rest of the family. Can't wait to show you those!


  1. abby,

    your pics of my other family is beautiful. i hold this family really close to my heart. keep the pics coming!!

  2. Thanks love! It's such a small world how we are all connected. ;)