Monday, September 13, 2010


Whew... today is going to be rough. I am a busy little bee on this wonderful Monday morning. What? It's not so wonderful for you right about now? Stuck at work? Wanting to sleep some more? I'm sorry :( - wish there was something I could do to make you feel better. Oh, but there is. GOOD MORNING :). I am a firm believer that a good morning from a friend whether it be in a call, text, email or in person can set the mood for the day. It always cheers me up. And trust me, for someone that loves the snooze button, it works miracles. I had plans of blogging bridal pictures today. That is what was on my planner. But I forgot it's blog "personal" Monday. [ I am seriously laughing to myself ] Ash, one more day won't kill ya. So, since I am sticking to "a schedule", today's tidbit is about dirt. Not the dirt as in referring to gossip/bad information/rumors, drugs, criminal activity or when you say, "Man, I feel like dirt". Because honestly, I never have the desire to talk, listen or read that kind of stuff. I'm talking about the good kind. The dirt that is in the ground. The thing also known as soil. If you haven't figured it out by now, that picture above is my best friend and I after a day of mudding. Mudding: to go out in the mud on our ATV's to spin and race until we are all covered in mud. It is the most disgusting and competitive fun I have ever had. Oh wait, there are food fights too, but that entails some version of getting "dirty" too, so I will put them as a tie. Anyway, I was talking to friends about it and they didn't see me as the kind that would do such thing. Probably because for some of you, I am way too girly to get my hands dirty. Nope. We can go riding anytime. There is one thing though, we gotta protect the hair. That is the one thing that gets special attention. You know what happens when girls with curly hair get it wet...POOF. Hello lioness. Which I don't mind either, as long as you don't care hanging out with Simba*. You know, I have been rained on three days in a row now. I think I shouldn't of been bragging about how much I love the rain, because now I am getting bucketfuls.
I have a couple of projects in the works, one of which I am ' 'so' ' excited about. These pictures and some on twitter (if you follow) may give you a hint as to the main project. I have found a new favorite shooting location, can't wait to take a couple to shoot engagements there. There is also a new thing I am going to do on the blog, which I hope will get my creative juices flowing. All this planning gets me giddy, antsy to share. I'm wishing every one's Monday flows smoothly so as to enjoy an easy week. After all, even though we aren't partying in Vegas, we can still enjoy our daily routines. Tomorrow, I promise - Ashley's Bridal preview. :)
SOTD: The Way I Am by Ingrid Michaelson.


  1. I can't believe you made a post about what we were talking about. Whatever Miss.BCBG, I still think you are a designer poodle. Internet, don't let her fool you. She wears heels even with her PJ's on. JK JK JK You know I love ya babes!

  2. Hahahahahaha designer poodle. I just cracked up out loud in Starbucks. I have a mental picture. You would come up with that. Yes internet, listen to Aimee.