Friday, September 10, 2010

my "little" men

On this lovely gray sky afternoon, I am making it casual Friday here on the blog. Yesterday was my first day back from Louisiana and it started off way too busy. It seems in every vacation I take, I promise to come back with a new schedule. A "schedule". Things never seem to follow through though. The pace never dulls and just seems to pick up at faster rate every time. This morning I decided to change courses. I can't continue to be consumed by the things that cloud my day. Time to clean the blackboard and use a fresh piece of chalk. I love that feeling. So what better way to blog "casually" than to show you what Coco has been up to lately. I missed him terribly while I was gone. Having him around is part of my day. He is not to be taken for granted. Watching him play and watch me back relaxes me. I used to never travel without him. Lately though, I have been here and there so much that it's been difficult to bring him along. That needs to change. That first picture above is his 'I am waiting for you' face. The next two are the 'I am a prince and way to important to look at your camera' face. He does that quite often.
I realized I haven't been posting my SOTD (Song of the Day) anymore. So here is a list of my recent replay-all-the-time songs. Some newer and some classics. Really depends on the mood of the day which one I'll be jamming to. If you have never heard them, check 'em out. Who knows, maybe it will climb the charts as one of your favorites.
Go Together by Jillian Edwards. Actually I have a few from her: Songbird, July & June, Try and Gullible. She is such a breath of fresh air. Today and for the past three days, her music is all I listen to.
Reasons to Love You by Meiko
Animal by Neon Trees
Iris by Goo Goo Dolls
Half of My Heart by John Mayer
Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol
The Adventure by Angels & Airwaves
Snow by Red Hot Chili Peppers
Abrazame by Camila
Eyes On Fire by Blue Foundation (Always has been on replay)
Stereo Love by Edward Maya feat. Alicia
There you have it, my most played songs of the week. Honestly I really don't know what I would do without music. It's therapy. It's on all day. Coco loves it too. My mom... not so much. She has no idea what button does what on a keyboard, but she learned the volume controls expertly. How convenient.
The above picture is just for demonstration purposes. When I say he follows me EVERYWHERE, I was being 100% completely honest. This was taken the other day while I was fixing my nails. He endured the horribly strong smell of acetone and nail polish just to sit by me. I love it, the dedication and how we are attached to the hip. The picture below, Samuel caught us after he came home from school during one of my daily naps. Yes, we do sleep like that.
My two "little" men. Samuel and Coco have a love/hate relationship. These were taken after Samuel woke me up from my delicious nap. Their bond is... unique.
Coco unattended=disaster waiting to happen. He finds things that you have been searching for decades. This time it wasn't such a journey, he sniffed out my bag of jellybeans from inside my purse. But just as any innocent child, he didn't do it. "Mommy I promise, it was Samuel".
Alright, time to answer the obvious question from these pictures, What's with the jelly beans? I think it's well understood by everyone that reads the blog or that knows me that I am obsessed with Starbucks*. That generates certain compulsion for any product they sell. At the counter by the register, where all the snacking stuff purposely is, you will find this tiny little packet. For just a dollar (savvy vendor tactic) you can buy a 'tiny' bag of these sugary confectionery treats. I love jellybeans, I really do, but had never bothered to try them since I am there for the coffee and that's it. But one day, I did. Totally changed my Starbucks visiting routine. White mocha's with a side of jelly beans. Perfect combination.
Coco LOVES them. I love them*. It's quickly become a staple. Simple random serendipitous thing.
And that's his face when you try to take them away. Oh Coco, you are such a trip. I am so excited to show you all the bridal pictures that I am working on. They are so FABULOUS! I have an anxious blog stalker waiting to see her preview. Soon soon. Off I go, back to editing. Have a great and wonderful weekend everyone. I hope this rain stays clear, most days I would welcome it with open arms, not this time. We need some sun these next couple of days. And cool breeze. It's September & in South Florida... that's just asking for way too much.


  1. Thank you so much Ver for your comment! I have had fun translating back and forth on your blog. :)