Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ashley's Bridal Session Preview

This isn't an ordinary bridal post. This is the post where Ashley will see for the first some of her bridal pictures. It's an actual preview. Most times I get around blogging after I have already shown my clients their session, not this time. I am excited, for her and for you all to see. You may recognize her from her wedding post, click here, or her engagement shoot, click here. She is one of my favorite people. But without further a do, here you go my darling, your anxiously awaited photos. Enjoy!
Ashley had a beautiful wedding, but like most brides wanted more pictures of herself in the dress. Sometimes the circumstances don't allow enough time to take all the desired pictures the actual day of the ceremony. Often brides opt to do a bridal session before the wedding. This serves as a great run through of what you will look like on your actual wedding day, and it's a perfect way to get to know your photographer if you haven't shot together before. Being in front of the camera is totally different than having client meets. For a photographer, it's not necessary but definitely easier to shoot a wedding after already knowing the couple. It's like the expression 'breaking the ice', so much more comfortable after those first few minutes, just imagine how more so after getting to know your couple during a pre-wedding session. You get a sense for who they are and what they are like together before one of the most important day of their lives. Of course, there are people like Ashley that take no time at all to become relaxed in front of the camera. Or maybe it was just because it was me shooting her. Which ever the case may be, Ashley worked her glamorous look the moment I finished adjusting my controls.
Stunning. Beautiful. Hot!!!! Rawr. Her flawless make up was done by the super hip and wonderful Quolita Scott. She is available to come to you for your prettifying needs. Email me to get her contact info. Ashley's make up stayed on perfectly without cracking or melting after we hopped all around town in the blistering heat and humidity of Louisiana on a September afternoon. A++
A while back I participated in a group shoot modeling for some photogs in New Orleans. They pitched the idea to me to lie in the sidewalk of the 'incredibly clean' city. I did. Because I know that sometimes to get a shot, the kind that you will love, you have to make sacrifices. Well, I wanted to try it too on one of my brides, because hey! I didn't get to shoot myself! With Ashley I really didn't even have to propose the idea, because that is something she wanted, woohoo for me! (At least it wasn't NOLA Ash, your dress didn't suffer one bit.) One other detail that Ashley did for her session was to change up the look. She had very natural make-up on the actual wedding day, this time she wanted it to pop. She debated on colors and decided to go with a summery green. Personalizing your make-up, shoes and accessories is a awesome way to add that 'you' touch to your photographs.
Some brides would rather have all the couple's shots done after the wedding. There is no stress and rush back and forth from ceremony-reception to your favorite picturesque place for the lovey-dovey pictures. Most photographers call this a day after session. It can be done the following day after the wedding (remember, you've already got your flowers and tux rental) or anytime after the honeymoon. This is probably my favorite option for brides that choose not to see each other before the ceremony. Like I said before, stress-free and gorgeous pictures of you and your new hubby. You finally get to go to that place that you wanted pictures at but was too far away from your reception locale. Or by all means, if you do have extra time the day of the wedding you can do a first look... This is an increasing trend among modern brides who want that precious moment beautifully captured. There are pro and cons to this option. I seriously wish I would of done it the day of my wedding. If you are considering the thought of doing so in your wedding, talk to other brides who have chosen to, I really doubt that they will tell you that they later regretted it.
Ashley mixed all of these different types of sessions into one. We had a post wedding bridal fashion scavenger hunt shoot. We had talked about it ever since before the wedding, and last week it finally came true. I really thought we were going to reschedule because of the weather. It was pouring so heavily while she was getting her make-up done that it seemed like only a dream for it to stop. But it did, skies cleared and Mr. Good Ol' Sunshine made my day.
She wanted to model by the parking meters. Knock yourself out... we are winging everything today. Honestly, Ashley just wanted to walk around downtown flaunting her gorgeous curvaceous figure having me follow her around like paparazzi. I quickly signed up for the job. :) Jeremiah is one lucky man.
She had a twist to the classic - brought some of the old (hair piece, necklace and earrings) and some new (shoes) and nothing blue (green instead... we're all about going green on this blog). Special thanks to the Hilton Hotel downtown for allowing us to use their facility to prepare for the shoot, they are always so pleasant. Oh and how could I possibly forget the security guard, I owe him bunches. Nicest old man I have encountered during a shoot. Everyone that day was in the best of moods and disposition.
There is plenty of more for Ashley to see, but as for you my loyal blog reader, this preview has come to an end. I enjoyed every minute of shooting this session and later editing it in my computer. Having such a great model to work with makes my job so delightful. I know that it won't be the last time that Ashley decides to wear her dress again. I hopefully will be there to photographer her in a totally different setting. My tough job of deciding what favorite pictures to blog for this post is done. Now Ashley will have the pleasure to go through the same struggles as she chooses hers. Bridal session... complete. Happy photographer... check.
SOTD: Follow You Down by Gin Blossoms
When You Were Young by The Killers
On Call and Radioactive by Kings of Leon


  1. Jeanie MaranSeptember 16, 2010

    omgosssh! i love!!! love the play on green and that she actually didnt mind wearing her dress everywhere, near the water on the floor lol! im glad she trusted you, they came out wonderfully!

  2. Thank you so much Jeanie! The floor one, with the reflection, is one of my faves... so glad she trusts me. :) Hehe

  3. These are beautiful girl! Good job both of you. Abby you picked just the right amount of popping color. I love that one by the elevator door of her. I can't wait to trash my dress with you!